Anyone had any luck with a cheapo work stand?

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  • Did a search but nothing came up - apologies if it has been asked before

    I used to have a decent workstand, but not got any space to store one inside in the current place. I do however have a small semi-covered area (under some stairs) in my patio where I could store a folding one. As it would be outside I do resent spending loads on one - hence I was wondering if anyone had any luck with a cheap one? I would only be using it for washing bike periodically and indexing gears/bleeding brakes every now and again

  • I've got one of these, which seems to be available under several different brand names, and find it more than adequate.­-Bicycle-Repair-Stand/dp/B00D9B7OKQ/

  • I got the pedal pro for £30. For the money, I think it's great. Folds quickly so easy to stash and seems to be built better than you'd expect from a cheap stand.­g-bike-repair-stand.html

  • That looks identical to the stand I bought from Lidl. Which is heavy, but works well.

    A bit of one of the top clamps on mine broke but it was fixable with another bolt. Some bits are plasticky but I have no qualms with it given what I've paid, I've had mine for a good 5 or 6 years.

  • yeah I got one off Amazon for £15 and it's done the job, not the highest quality but holds a bike well enough

  • I love to talk about how when I bought the cheapo workstand like the above it broke but literally no one else had the same problem so the cheapo one is probs fine.

  • At home I have one of the Bikehand ones...

    This one...

    At work I have this one...

    They are obviously worlds apart in many ways yet I've never been so frustrated or bothered by the one at home that I've thought about replacing it or even really browsed on ebay to see what's available etc.

    The hinge that joins the clamp to the upright wasn't great but I've modified it to work better, albeit it wouldn't fold up so easily now.

  • I bought one of the lidl ones in 2012, it's lived outside on my balcony permanently since and I use it regularly. it won't fully fold up any more as it's seized but it works otherwise and I don't fold it up anyway so not a problem.

  • I’ve got one of the Bikehand ones under another name, had it for about 7 years now and it’s a bit worn out tbh. Only cost me about £30 at the time so I can’t grumble.

    At work I have a Kestrel, which is as basic as a wood-burning stove and just as reliable. It’s bloody great.­essional-range/model-ds-(metal-clamp-onl­y).html

  • Cheapo work stands are surprisingly hardy. What I find you get with a pricier stand is a clamp that is more pleasant to use.

  • cheers all! appreciate the advice

  • Personally found the bike hand type much better than the four legged Aldi type for not much more

  • The Bikehand stands are great for the money. Give all the exposed screw threads etc a blast of GT85 before you put it away and it should last years.

  • The legs on the Aldi ones are a pain in the posterior if you’ve got a small space.

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Anyone had any luck with a cheapo work stand?

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