Downtube shifter band question

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  • Right, need to get one of these as I have no bosses and want to (hopefully) use Triomphe d/t levers. Is there a complicated Campagnolo-based solution I need (involving long eBay searches and shipping from abroad) or can I use any band? I saw the ProblemSolvers version but it’s a mid-Seventies frame and as I’m vain wanted something a bit less agricultural.

  • First thing to check is whether or not there’s a tiny little pip of metal brazed under the d/t? It stops the band slipping towards the bb shell due to the cable tension. Not the end of the world if you don’t but if you do there’ll be far less headaches once you’re all set up...
    Back when I still fucked around with old bikes I came up against this issue a few times.

    As for anything involving Campagnolo I’m afraid I can’t help at all :/

  • There’s definitely a bit of metal /pip /stop. Think I’ll just try and set up with a crappy old Huret band first and see what happens...

  • Then that’s you pretty much all good! I’ve used those huret shifters in the past, not pretty but work perfectly well.

  • More news later then...

  • This might do the trick:­shifters-derailleurs/downtube_shifter_mo­unt_-_31244
    I’m using one on a modern steel frame. The clamp is substantial enough not to need the anti-slip pip and it fits a modern steel tube set with larger down tube diameter. Reynolds 853 in my case.

  • Cheers for the tip :)

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Downtube shifter band question

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