Hi all,

    I have put this together a few months back as a loaner bike for a friend.

    Built around a Faggin Competition "Campione Del Mundo" frame, Columbus SL tubing, in 56cm top tube & seat tube, centre to centre.

    It is the red cromovelato version so fully chromed underneath. It shows surface rust and pitting, I think people "on here" call patina. Lovely panto'd rear brake bridge, pantographed seatstays, "F" engraved on lugs too.

    I did a fair amount of work to it:

    • fitted Chrome Wuler forks from BLB which I purchased on here for £30
    • new Tange steel headset £15
    • new Planet X singlespeed kit £10
    • new Single chainring bolts £5
    • new 27.0mm System Ex black seatpost £15
    • new inner / outer brake cables £10

    Chainset is a desirable Sugino Super Mighty 144 BCD.
    Brakeset is a desirable Shimano 600 first generation.
    Wheelset is a not so desirable Carrera RX 700c clincher which I have trued.

    Used parts fitted include:

    • Ahead stem adaptor
    • Ritchey stem 100mm
    • 25.4mm swept back bars
    • Vans Sole grips & Velox rubber end plugs
    • Mismatched brake levers
    • Shimano chain
    • Black leather saddle
    • Used tyres which are still decent.

    It rides really well - come and try it from the City (near Guildhall).

    Price wise, well, I did get carried away with the new & used parts having sank over £100 all in, on top of the 100€ I paid for the bike in France, which was in a way more sorry state than I thought it would be...

    Anyway, let's call it SOLD FOR £175 for the complete bike.



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  • How much Vince

  • Original post updated with more information!

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  • As always, happy to split if you only want some bits off it.

    And can drop off in Zone 1&2 if that helps a sale

  • Hi Vince, how much would you want for the frame, fork, headset and bb if you do end up splitting?

  • Hi @E11_FTW and thank you for the interest.

    I would be after £120 for frame/forks/headset.

    You should come and check it out if you are in the area.

  • Additional photo of the bottom bracket cut out.

    Cinelli BB shell, stamped 56.

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  • Withdrawing my interest for now, but have a bump for a great seller.

  • This frame deserves much more.

  • PM'd

  • Top choice on the Sugino Mighty chainset, would be interested if splitting :)

  • PM'd

  • They do come up on eBay infrequently. They are lovely!

    This one is french threaded so either rarer or more desirable depending on how you look at it!

  • Hi, is this still available? In the City so free to come look whenever.


    @gar3th has tried the bike and said he'll pick it up on Monday so I will update the thread then if he changes his mind - but for now, the Faggin is on hold for @gar3th.

    Thanks all for the interest!


SOLD 1980 Faggin Competition Campione Del Mundo // Cromovelato Red Colombus SL 56cm frame // Singlespeed Conversion with new parts // SOLD

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