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  • My wife and I go to Essaouira every year in December, and over the visits we have struck up a great relationship with the owner of a rug/interiors store there.
    We've purchased quite a few over the years and having just brought back another three this year we have exceeded the rug capacity for our house, so one has to go.

    This one is 2 metres by 2.5 metres which is a pretty good size for a big room.

    We've just done our annual clean of all our rugs with a carpet cleaner, and it's in great condition.
    The style is classic Berber - very on trend with the diamond pattern. I don't think the photos can do it justice - it's a lovely thick pile.

    I've looked online and found this which is a similar size but doesn't look as nice­er-Rug-BER52-290cm-x-200cm/

    Very happy for anyone to come have a look, we are in SE27. Tomorrow is good until mid-afternoon, otherwise after Christmas.

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  • Close up pic

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  • How much did you pay for it in Essaouira?

  • Hard to say as it was in negotiations with another rug, but it was in the region of £400 plus cost £50 to come back as an extra hold bag on the plane.

  • You must have a similarly good relationship with the shop that sells framed mirrors.


  • What price did the negotiation start at?

  • Nice rug btw. My kids would kill that in no time

  • One million dollars

  • Perhaps an odd question, but what colour would you call it? Is more ivory/cream than it looks in the pictures?

  • Sorry, off-topic, but I should very much like to hear what Essaouira is like at this time of year, or generally.

  • It's tricky to capture in the picture (and this was under artificial light) but I would say it's ivory is a pretty good descriptor.
    I'll try and take a better photo this morning once it's a bit brighter.

  • It's great as it's not windy like it is in the summer. We've been to Marrakech too which is a great but very full-on. Essaouira is much slower paced and chilled but still really interesting and the people are so lovely.
    Any other questions just shoot me a DM.

  • @sswiss this is the most accurate colour I can seem to get with my phone camera.

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  • Would you recommend this rug for playing a game of ‘Mr. Wobbly hides his helmet’, in front of a roaring fire?

  • My parents really liked it so we gave it to them as an extra Christmas present.

    I'll be sure to ask them.

  • does it shed much / at all?

  • My mate recently purchased a Moroccan rug:

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  • Jeez. Don't mean to interfere with your sale but I bought this 4m x 2m beauty from a village market outside Oualidia, Morocco from a very old man sitting on the ground under a tarp! He asked for £600 I paid £60. The negotiation involved several local lads on mopeds, me and the wife had to agree to have her pic taken with the bearded guy.

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  • Btw, Oualidia is beautiful. A lagoon overlooked by a couple of small friendly hotels. When the lagoon drains the sandbank appears and locals set up bbqs selling grilled fresh fish. It's a 3 hour taxi ride from Marakech through what resembles al qaeda training ground, but so worth it.

  • Ok just to be clear, this isn’t for sale any more.

  • Quality thread though.

  • I see what you did there

  • I like how it just loomed out of nowhere at warp speed.

  • Is it possible to delete a thread?

  • It's better to burn it.

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