want:650b boost rear wheel, other mtb bits

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  • Currently in need of:

    •650b boost rear wheel, cheapish
    •30.9mm stealth dropper post

  • What are you after? Size? budget? wheel size even?

  • 160 fork, 27.5 or 29, something close to a 17", budget is flexible at the mo (but let's say 1500)

    Edit: otherwise I'm open to seeing what people have, I'm guessing there might not be much available on here

  • I might also go for the right hardtail

  • There’s a ton of orange crushes on the FB MTB sales

  • Bossnut?

  • I like the look of that!

  • one of the badgers recently bought a bossnut, he might chime in with how life with one is going

  • It's a good time to be buying new, there are a lot of bargains of last year's model.

  • I have a very high end (for the time) Orange Patriot 66 I could maybe let go if that'd be of interest? Barely been touched for years and cost a fortune to build at the time. Cheers. T

  • Boardman Team 650b of much interest (too cheap?) All in good order, little use (bought a 10 months ago, when it had barely been ridden and I've used it once a week for about 20miles (ave) since.

    I've added a dropper (very recently, as in less than 50 miles ago) and Renthal Carbon bars, plus new grips, superstar nano Evo, pedals and clear Heli tape. Also have some boxed decent tyres and half a dozen tubes I'd chuck in. Would be looking for £450 posted (in Cornwall)

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  • I suppose the ideal situation would be to find a good second hand frameset with a shock and build it from there.
    But keeping all options open for now

  • Appreciate not exactly what you're after but??

  • I wouldn't say too cheap, but I don't see myself riding a Boardman.

  • Such snobbery.

    Yeah, a complete is generally cheaper, but if you’re particularly particular, like I am there’s plenty of money to be spent on upgrades. I think when I was looking I saw some cheap full sus DMR frames, and complete orange crush for £1150. But it’s still more than the Bossnut

  • to find a good second hand frameset with a shock

    Yeah don’t do that just get the Bossnut and save yourself the ££s and the hassle.

    The DMR frames were wildly disappointing IIRC.

  • err def vouch for the bossnut.

  • @Howard was that the Dmr Bolt ? or other.

    Would go for a Bolt with coil shock :) Duncan Ferris raced DH a few times on one, put the wind up the bike travel bikes by stuffing them :)

  • I guess if I get the Bossnut Evo there's a lot less to replace.

  • Bossnut looks decent!

  • So the Bossnut Evo seems to tick most of the boxes. QR rear wheel though

  • @psg1ben QR rear wheels. How rad are you getting ?

    The current bike i am rebuilding is a 135mm hub with thru axle into QR drop outs. I also use QR skewer hubs and they are fine for warp factor 5 down Fort William.

    Most modern frames have switched to 10-12mm thru axle and wider hub designs as this enables the rear subframe to be a bit stiffer when railing turns at speed. At the Evo's price point and sale price you won't get much choice.

    Unless your going racing or riding the bike on it's limits then i wouldn't worry. Still loads of choice on QR wheels and hubs for upgrading later or spares or getting a bolt thru.

  • How rad are you getting ?

    As well as taking this off road I might want to use it on the street a bit for big stair sets and drops, also probably in the skatepark. I've snapped a fair few solid steel axles, and plenty of QR ones.

    At the Evo's price point and sale price you won't get much choice.

    My budget is whatever I need to get the right bike. To be honest I've got a few components already and can get a group set, finishing kit and wheels cheaply, which is why I mentioned ideally finding the right frameset.

  • suspect you have watched many vids.
    this is 2 years old and the current spec has improved over this one.
    and if Jonesy thinks something is shite he will point it out or just not review it.

    and it's getting ragged well in the vid :)

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want:650b boost rear wheel, other mtb bits

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