Raw Bullitt Bike for sale!

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  • A very sad day has come. I am moving house next month to a hi-rise tower block and will be losing the luxury of garage space.

    A rare opportunity to buy a second hand Bullitt bike is now here!

    This was bought new from London Green Cycles appx. 3-4 years ago. It was used lightly for food delivery, then became a taxi for the school run, then got hijacked by me for all my hifi wheeling and dealing. Structurally this beast has had a fairly easy life!

    Cosmetically the frame does show use but there's no rust and the raw finish will no doubt polish up a treat.

    It currently needs a good service as I've run it into the ground and not maintained it at all for ages. New bottom bracket is needed, new pads and new grips.

    I'm looking for £1500 for this all cleaned, scrubbed and serviced. Knock a £100 off if you come this week and buy it as is.

    I think it's a medium, definitely isn't a large.

    Collections, viewings easily arranged almost all the time from London Crofton Park.

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  • Alfine brakes? Straight steerer?

  • Looks like a straight steerer and yes, Alfine brakes and 8 speed hub.

  • Despite much interest, believe it or not this is still available.

    Needs to go in the next three weeks!

  • I want this so bad, we just dont have a place to store in... we have two parking spaces but are officially not allowed to store "anything other than a motor vehicle' in the space... we own the bloody thing!

    Front garden would just fit it but we would loose a "pretty cute blue picket fence" (quote my wife) and our bin/recycling bin things...


  • Make it electric then, it will have a proper motor, and here you go

  • I wanted this, but no storage. I could park a Landrover outside my house for free any time though.

  • get a white van, park it in the space, store your bikes in it.

  • I’d have to pay duty on the van etc.

  • Believe it or not, I still have this available.

  • If I found one for sub £100 this is feasible..


    I have come to the realisation that I don't want to get rid of this, and I'm going to buy it from my girlfriend who I stole it from.

    Please get in touch if you have a garage or cheap storage in Vauxhall, close enough to Tesco on Kennington Lane. I will be your best friend and pay you money.


  • If it's a parking space as opposed to street parking can't you just SORN it? The car I mean.


  • ;)

  • He he he. Hands orf sunshine!

  • Street parking unfortunately.

  • Hi there
    Bit of a long shot but would this be up for sale ?

  • Potentially. I'm in two minds.

    I still haven't found a local spot to store it, getting a bit fed up of it gathering dust!

  • Im quite close to Crofton Park
    Would it be cool to come over & take a look at it ?

  • The bike is currently in South Bermondsey.

    I'll sleep on it.

  • Is this still available? I'd be interested in viewing if it is.

  • Considering arranging some viewing time next week.

  • I'll sleep on it.

    How was your night's sleep? Cant imagine its the most comfortable thing to sleep on.. ;)

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Raw Bullitt Bike for sale!

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