Labour leadership contest 2020

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  • I agree that the behaviour exposed is toxic, hypocritical etc. My main concern with this video was the shots of far right Tommy Robinson supporters and of Netanyahu in the context of complaints about racist abuse from party members. It suggest s that anyone suffering such abuse has invented it to further a right wing agenda.

  • Is there a new thread for chat about stuff like this?­s/1260482980134387713?s=19

  • Ta!

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  • Evidence appears to be 4 people have left the labour party. Not convinced.

    Now, it seems membership is at risk of falling drastically again, as young people appear to be leaving the party in droves, following recent comments and actions by its leader.

    appear to be leaving the party in droves

    O really? Let's see some stats Labour party cf. Tory party.

  • As of July 2019, Labour had 485,000 members, compared to the Conservatives, who had 180,000 members. The SNP had around 125,500 members (December 2018), the Liberal Democrats 115,000 (August 2019), Green Party 48,500 (July 2019), UKIP 29,000 (April 2019) and Plaid Cymru 10,000 (October 2018).

    Maybe Labour is down to 484,996 now. I think I'll write to them and ask.

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  • Membership numbers are a fairly pointless indicator of success in politics. In fact the more young nutty naive proto-Marxists that depart the Labour Party, the better- in terms of its electoral chances anyway. It might then have a chance of developing some policies that appeal to the actual electorate. Arguably less ‘pure’ but purity is pointless without power and I sincerely hope Labour has now learnt its lesson of the past few years.

  • nutty naive proto-Marxists

    Well isn't this a nuanced argument. It's pointless harking on about electability unless you make at least a cursory attempt to explain what that might be.

    Besides that, take a look at the research conducted by YouGov below. The 'nutty naive proto-Marxist' policies are popular and in many cases necessary.

  • nUtTy nAiVe pRoTO-mArxiSTS

    The nuance is really highlighted if you read it like this.

  • I think what we’ve actually learned is people are thick and will vote for any old cunt in a shiny suit, even if it’s not in their own interests.

  • I’m delighted the Labour Party adopted a few more hands-on state interventionist policies in recent years. And I know The Great British Public are also on board with some of them, as your data shows - my point was that the public perception of the Labour Party in essential red wall seats is key to success. Until very recently they were perceived in these places, for all their laudable policies, as out of touch nutters and not to be trusted, exemplified by many of the new corbyn-worshipping membership who hopefully are now either leaving or deciding to tone down their drama.

  • isn't it actually a blue wall now?

  • Some will go back red next time (which is why it was essential for Starmer to accept brexit, which he now appears to have done), but you’re right that quite a few are probably lost to labour for a long while.

  • They didn't poll universal broadband?

    Covid lockdown has exposed the unequal access to online home-schooling, online help and services (such as public info, foodbank details or supermarkets offering delivery).

    Like coin-operated electricity meters ... many struggling families buy relatively expensive data top-ups. With kids off school they're spending more than they can afford.

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Labour leadership contest 2020

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