Labour leadership contest 2020

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  • this is what we're up against. Christ

    who's 'we' here?

  • Labour party membership is circa 0.5M so that's about 3%?

    Doesn't seem especially worrying.

  • William is easily frightened. And tormented, torn, in paroxysms of doubt and despair.

  • that's about 3%?

    You're right, not representative.

  • who's 'we' here?

    Literally anyone who doesn't want a tory government?

  • William is easily frightened. And tormented, torn, in paroxysms of doubt and despair.

    runs away

  • Can the radicalised in the party be controlled though. It is these people who cant compromise. In poltics you have to be able to see life through other peoples eyes. The life blood of poltics is compromise,it the currency that bring power. The radicalised try to silence views they dont want to hear by any means necessary. While the tories have done a similar thing there great trick was it looked they where being democratic about it/on the winning side.

    Labour also has to realise it has two choices, 1) either go a bit right wing to win over rural voters but not try to out tory the tories. That's really hard to pull of and will probably require the tories to really mess up and look like the nasty party again while at the same time have a government in wIting standing by, a bit like Blair did. Timing is everything here.

    2) ditch the we must be the sole winner mentality and embrace PR and do deals and compromise. It also means ditching the radicalised members. That means stop wishing the lib dems will just fold. There was an opinion piece is the guardian after the election asking the lib dems to join labour. That is the very flawed poltical thinking that locking labour out of power. That is a equally hard.

    Either way member will be shed to gain new ones and votes. I dont know which route will be successful. My gut is demographics mean the latter has a better chance but an aging population that is growing more right wing and an electral system that is biased against the seat were the centre and the left are strongest means the centre and left has an uphill struggle.

    Who are the radicalised ?

    Disagree with this gist of this post. Corbyn's Labour tried to build a broad church from the start - only for the centrists to repeatedly stab them in the back (or front, if you're Jess Phillips).
    Tom Watson (the Deputy Leader !) was constantly undermining the Leader right up until the election. Who knows where the Labour party would of been if the centrists had united behind Corbyn ?

    The Lib Dems meanwhile are unable to compromise with Labour - they'll say it's the leader (previously Brown, Miliband and now Corbyn) but really they're the natural bed fellows of the Tory's with Swinson again angling to prop up the Tories during campaigning.

    Whoever is leader is going to have a very hard time. The increasingly right wing media is always going to monster the leader. Even Milliband who was centrist focused grouped to oblivion with his immigration mugs was labelled a Marxist.
    There's also the worry that the country has now irrevocably split along American lines with working class or rural areas voting Tory, leaving Labour's support in the Metropolitan areas.

    Labour can go right, cosy up to Murdoch and try to out Tory the Tories. Or alternatively they can stick to their policies, hold the Tories to account where they can and wait until the Tories get found out.

    Either way we've got right wing politics running the country for probably the next ten years. It's fucking depressing.

  • Who knows where the Labour party would of been if the centrists had united behind Corbyn?

    Well, they couldn’t. They never would. Those that put Corbyn in as leader should have been able to spot this.

  • So the Labour party should be shaped by whichever faction threatens to be least helpful if it doesn't get its way?

  • this is what we're up against. Christ

    Wtf are you doing? That non-story is non-sense. Piers is a certified maniac. The Internet of ‘petitions’ is a hive of mental and (unless I missed it) I don’t think that’s 13k party members, just 13k ... clicks.

    Fake news. You massive member.

  • Please don't start name calling in this thread, it was all going so well!

  • If you post The Express, I’m not responsible for my actions :)

  • Well, I'm glad I posted it, if only because the unreliability of the story was highlighted.

  • Barry Gardiner to run apparently.

    God help us.

  • 48 hours to join to have a vote

  • I joined ages (a couple of days after the election) ago, but other than an email saying thanks for joining, haven't had anything. Do you get membership numbers or online login details or anything?

  • Lisa Nandy like a boss on the Andrew Neil show. Impressive

  • Lisa Nandy like a boss on the Andrew Neil show. Impressive

    Likely in vain.

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  • Oh please let that be wrong....

  • Yeah but she's gonna get rid of the house of lords.

    Proper vote winner

  • It's a long time till the next election. Whoever is elected won't necessarily still be the leader then. Perhaps this time Labour won't persist with a leader if the polls are as bad as they were for Corbyn. If she wins she might turn out to be Labour's Ian Duncan Smith. Hopefully not followed by Labour's Michael Howard.

  • ^ Blaming it all on the Poles are we? That's just xenophobic

  • With a lower-case initial. He's saying that Corbyn was shafted.

  • By a very large proportion of the electorate that matters, the public, to whom Long-Braindead would be as electable as a lukewarm dog turd. Perhaps it would be better if someone of her ilk (no, not a large deer) were to become leader in the unwinnable next few years, allowing a Messianic figure to emerge when the Tories prove their cuntishness.

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Labour leadership contest 2020

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