Labour leadership contest 2020

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  • Does it even matter?

  • Phillips will get it

    I'd give it to Lammy myself

  • Jess Phillips would be as divisive as Corbyn. Lots of people dislike her, not least Corbyn’s biggest fans.

    Starmer would be a safe choice.

    Don’t think Lammy is in the running.

  • Hopefully Starmer!

  • Is Starmer going to appeal to voters outside of London and the South of England? I'm not convinced.

  • My thoughts. I like him but I’d be worried

  • Starmer would be the wrong chojce.

    My current preference is Lisa Nandy, but let's see who else stands and what all candidates have to say.

  • Starmer as a former DPP will have a thousand skeletons in his pre-politics life warddrobe.
    The right wing press will already have a nyriad of stories ready to run.

  • Yvette Cooper would be my choice. Been smashing it on home affairs select committee and wasnt close to corbyn in same way starmer, rayner were.

  • Let's not have another white man.

    I like Angela Rayner!

  • I love Jess Phillips but I agree that she would be divisive. I know she’s hard as nails but I’d hate to see her having to endure the press and social media battering Corbyn got.

  • Keir Starmer.

  • shami chakrabarti

  • Rebecca Long Bailey would be a good shout actually. Labour through and through.

    Lots of the Corbyn fanatics I follow on twitter seem to despise Lisa Nandy but I can’t quite fathom why.

  • Because she tried to knife Corbyn along with Owen Smith in 2016. The left's preferred candidate in 2015 was Nandy, but she didn't want to enter as she had just had her first child, so they stood Corbyn instead and the rest is history.

    Edit - I just looked up this article to evidence the Nandy point. Reading the rest of it was a grim reminder that all these issues were foreseen by people around Corbyn in 2015 but nothing was done to address them.­t-thoughts-on-the-corbyn-campaign-and-ov­ercoming-formidable-obstacles-de81d44498­84

  • Given that politics (in terms of election) is a fickle game on which the field of play is social media, to the common person there are so few Labour 'names and personalities' in the public eye in comparison to the Tories - I'm not saying that's a good thing (and quite frankly I find most of the senior Tory figures repugnant - based on their media/TV personas) but I'm sure this is a significant part of the huge Tory majority.

  • Lots of the Corbyn fanatics I follow on twitter seem to despise Lisa Nandy but I can’t quite fathom why.

    I'm in favour of Nandy. disliked by some for voting for May's and Jonhsons brexit deals I think.

  • I like Angela Rayner!

    was impressed by her in one of the debates I saw, well and truly stuck it to rhymes with garage....

  • From 2016, but insights are uncanny


    In three or four years time we are likely to be faced with a defeat comparable to 1931. It would be wise for us to think seriously about how to heal our ruptured relationship with the working class;

  • Seems like RLB is going in a blue labour direction with the appointment of Alex Halligan. Cue the Trotskyites ditching her as their candidate.

  • Why is jess Phillip's divisive. Nandy is ok. Starmer is so remain that might be a problem thornberry is way to smug and has sounded like she knows better on Brexit far too many times. I am no labour fan but the party needs to be a proper opposition/government in waiting.

    The party has gone after young and leftie middle class urban voters but those voters are concentrated in too few constituencies to win power. Its manifesto read like a wish list and there was no top five believable policies. Free broadband summed it up for everyone. The money spent on that could have given free bus passes for all and that would have been more useful. I dont any of candidates are suggesting a full rethink of everything much like Blair did in 1995. Nandy is the closest to such a rethink on what she has said so far. Not sure where ness stands but I like the cut of her jib. I maybe a lib dem member but I would like to see labour do well.

  • What good is a bus pass with shit busses?

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Labour leadership contest 2020

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