Two Kogas (Hakuna Miyata)

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  • I'm moving to Argentina and these are the bikes that are coming too.

    The first Koga, a '91 Valley Runner, came from the eBay thread here for £50 and has had almost nothing done to it since (changed the rear tyre for another used one, changed the grips). It's slightly too small for me and the perfect size for my partner. 7 Speed Deore LX/DX but the shifters and bars had been changed in the past for standard Shimano 7 Speed and some faded yellow Tranz-X.

    The second Koga, a 91' Terra Runner, took a long time to find, and when I finally got it in the post from Germany it had been packed awfully and the rear spacing was 90mm. The frame was in almost perfect condition paint wise and it's now with Geoff Roberts having two new seatstays put on. It also came 7 speed with Deore DX.

    The plan is to build them both as everyday bikes that can be used for bikepacking in Patagonia/the Andes at some point in the next couple of years.
    If you don't know about these early 90's Koga MTBs. They're fucking wicked, so many braze-ons including lowrider mounts on the fork, bottle mount under the downtube and a bottle dynamo mount(???).

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  • The plan for the Valley Runner is as follows:

    8 Speed Deore XT M739 Shifters
    Silver Deore DX Rear Mech from the Terra Runner
    Silver Bullmoose Bars
    Silver Seatpost
    New Chainrings - 110/74 bcd, any suggestions? As the current ones are BioPace.
    New 8 speed Wheels
    Remove Shit Mudguards
    New tyres - also suggestions needed!
    Shimano CX50 Cantis

    I already have the XT shifters, yesterday I ordered the Bullmoose and a shim as the forks are 1 1/8 threaded.
    I built a wheelset for it last week too:
    Deore XT M750 Hubs
    Kinlin ADHN Rims
    for £77 thanks to JD Whisker!

    Any advice on Chainrings and Tyres especially is welcomed.

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  • The plan for the Terra Runner is pretty similar but as it's mine, it's going to have slightly more pointlessly expensive stuff on it.
    8 Speed XTR M950 Shifters
    8 Speed XTR or XT Rear Mech
    New Wheels (Probably the same as above but with Black Rims)
    Black A-Head Bullmoose and a converter
    Potentially shim the seatpost (29.6mm) down to 27.2mm and get a nice retro MTB post in black.
    The Black Deore XT cranks that came on it will stay on, again just new rings needed.

    Then they both just need the bikepacking kit finalising!

    Today I'm going to fit the new CX50 cantis on the Valley Runner and see how well they work.

  • 8 Speed XTR M950 Shifters

    I have a pair of these in very good, possibly new, condition. Pm me if you‘re interested.

  • Thanks man! I've actually got a pair arriving, they came with the matching v-brakes but these frames can't take v's. Are you interested in the brakes?

  • I appreciate the offer but have no need for them atm. Wouldn‘t it make sense to change the u-brake bosses to canti/v brake mounts when you‘re getting the seatstays replaced?

  • Turns out the XTR V Brakes do fit on the Terra Runner fork!
    The rear of these was specced with U Brake, but I have indeed asked Geoff to put the mounts back in place for V brakes.

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  • Pictures from Geoff, forgot to put the mounts for Vs instead of U brakes then checked with me and very kindly moved them. Everything I've had done by him (a fair amount) has been spot on.

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  • Couldn't find a 29.6mm seatpost I liked the look of, so I got some Caustic Soda and stripped down the black Sakae one from the Valley Runner.

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  • Looking good! The narrow canti spacing which isn‘t compatible with v-brakes was abandoned in the late 80s afaik.

  • yeah i had the same issue for my giant. ended up with a NOS version of the same TCO.

  • These old big apples are the only tyres I had, it rides so nicely now though with them on...

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  • Never updated this as life got too busy.
    Now we're stuck in Argentina unable to cycle them anywhere, so here is what happened.
    On the Valley Runner:
    Put 3 new non-biopace rings on, granny and big ring are Middleburn, middle is shimano steel.

    Maxxis Ikons replaced the Big Apples

    Couple of horns out the front of the bars

    These kogas ride really nicely loaded up.

    The only downside I'd say is the tire width, they fit max 26x2.3" and I'd probably like to have closer to 2.7" for Argentina.

  • The Valley Runner's a beast! I can't imagine how hectic and crazy it must be to be settling into a new place in a time like this, best of luck to you and your partner. Huge respect for choosing old Kogas to bikepack in Patagonia where most people would probably just use them to run to the pub or get internet points cough my Bridgestone cough. Ganbate!

  • Yeah it has been all over the place, thank you!
    Hopefully they prove my conviction that you shouldn't need to get a mad expensive frame etc to bikepack successfully(even somewhere like Argentina) - both of them would have been extremely cheap if I hadn't have had to go through the process of having the Terra Runner repaired.
    Love the Bridgestone, rode an MB-3 for a while and it was super sweet, think it's still sitting around unsold at my old shop...

  • Lovely lovely bikes
    Happy riding, when you can

  • Here are some close ups of the Terra Runner

    Wild paint, sadly lost some of it in the accident

    A lot of XTR, shifters are as well.

    Left the cranks though as I didn't want M950 Octalink and these look good with some NOS purple ano specialized chainrings I had. Again middle ring is steel Shimano.

  • Looks good!

  • Oh man, retro MTB gear porn... Envy!

  • Valley Runner all loaded up today

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  • One word no the price is too high

  • @Zebra_Cyclist Not much more than m730 cranks go for normally, and these are one offs (for better or worse)

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Two Kogas (Hakuna Miyata)

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