Shimano Deore Groupset on Claud Butler

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  • Hey guys

    A pal of mine has recently inherited his granddads Claud Butler, we think it dates to around the 60’s from what we can see about the serial numbers

    It’s currently running a Shimano Deore groupset - any ideas on what might be a good upgrade? Might be a novis question but we’re both a touch new to this


  • Any pics? Why do you want to change the deore group? What do you want to use the bike for?

  • Hey man

    Thanks for getting back,
    I’ll post some pics tonight - looking to change the Deore as it’s just not very desirable and quite ugly

    Was looking at maybe a Campagnolo chorus groupset with some new chorus hubs as well -

    Any info on whether this would fit? Anything I should look out for?


  • Shimano Deore is a MTB groupset, whereas as Chorus is a lovely road bike groupset.

    What sort of bike is it?

  • I think someone put the deore on the frame not knowing it was MTB

    It’s a road bike and want a groupset that fits its purpose! Do you think chorus is a good way to go?

    Picture attached! Would love people’s recommendations as well

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  • Plenty of touring bikes use Deore bits too, as most iterations have been decent, reliable and value for money and offer some different cassette ratios. If I were you/him, I'd ride it and replace bits as he breaks them, they wear out or he realises they don't suit what he wants.

    Obviously, it's all personal taste. And I quite like the slightly franken-nature of mixed up groups anyway (see the functional and frankenbike threads also for some ideas). So matchy-matchy isn't really a thing for me. But it's his. Do what it takes to get your mate riding it and then enjoy it!

  • Presumably that says Shimano on chainstay, that, combined with the made in England decal, makes it considerably younger that 60s. IIRC, Deore was touring spec around or just before MTB was a thing. On further investigation it's probably 1989 or newer. Catalogues not easy to find for early 90s, they had a fire or something.

  • I would just get some nicer tires and give it a good service and start riding it. No point in upgrading the groupset imo.

  • Hey everyone

    Thanks for your comments

    His granddad actually had it resprayed and new decals put on it at some point in the 80/90s - hence why it’s so hard to find out it’s age as the decals are newer than the bike...

    It does actually ride at the moment, and quite well! But nevertheless it’s always nice to be looking to make something a little nicer!

    Thanks again,

  • Nice Claud. Frame looks similar to late 60s Electron or Spectra - have been looking at a few recently. Straight gauge tubing, so not particularly light and the geo is relaxed :) so not a racer in this day and age, would make a decent commuter / tourer. What were the BB stamped numbers? Toe clips and straps would be a good upgrade, but service it and enjoy for what it is. Sticking on modern parts would be a money drain, better to start with a modern frame for that. Good Claud site here:­m

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Shimano Deore Groupset on Claud Butler

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