Quick rear brake question

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  • Hey, built up a Surly frame with a pair of BRS202 brakes I had on an old SS conversion and found this bolt far too long. Can I just cut the bolt myself or do I need to find a new one? Thanks.

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  • That’s probably a front brake with the bolt that long to fit through a fork.
    Cutting the bolt will make it shorter and potentially useable but check that the nut it screws into (between your fingers in the pic) isn’t too long for the brake bridge on the frame...if it protrudes the other side you will not be able to get the brake caliper tight

  • Adding to this: did you not just swap the front and rear bake (per accident)?

  • Cheers, think you're probably right. Just checked the front brake bolt and it's a little shorter (but not by enough for that rear bridge), so I assume that yes they're the wrong way round. I'd still have to chop it, worth swapping them before doing so do you think? The nut doesn't protrude but good shout.

  • Update: they're both front brakes, must have been a workaround my LBS made for the original conversion. Thoughts on sawing the bolt down?

    Alternatively, this is the current setup – good enough, or will it be more secure with the proper bolt?

  • Also, check the brake pads on the rear setup - If it's a front brake then the brake pad holders will be the wrong way around...

  • Can't you just stick a washer and normal nut on it rather than the recessed one?

  • Yeah this is exactly my question – will that suffice?

  • Or you can get a longer brake nut. Either way, it won’t look pretty as recessed rear brake bolts only just protrude beyond the hole in the brake bridge.

  • Chop the bolt to the desired size, problem solved

  • You can chop the bolt as long as it is threaded all the way up to the brake. If it has an unthreaded section it might not leave enough threads to properly secure the nut to. If you do cut the bolt, wind a normal nut onto it first so that you can wind it off after you cut the bolt to clean the thread up.

    If you can't cut the bolt I think I have a short pivot bolt off a rear Tektro brake that you can have for the price of a coffee.

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Quick rear brake question

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