• If anyone has any of the above give me a shout.

    Bullmoose - I'm after the threadless version (i.e. not the quill version).

    Thanks vm

  • I have a full gearset with Tiagra 4700 flat bar shifters.

    Initially built this - which was sold as a singlespeed in the end:

    If you are interested in the 10 speed gearset, please let me know

    £60 gets you:

    • New Shimano Tiagra 4700 2x10 speeds thumb shifters (fitted and used for setting up the bike only)
    • New FSA 10 speed chain (as above) & Tiagra 10 speed cassette 10-25t
    • Shimano Tiagra RD-4700 rear derailleur
    • Shimano Sora FD-2300 front derailleur
  • .

  • Hey Vince, cheers. Good deal but any chance you’d just sell the shifters?? I have the rest unfortunately.

  • Unfortunately no - as I will not be able to shift the rest afterwards.
    Then I'll need to buy 10sp shifters again to complete a groupset to fit to a bike.
    Never ending!

    But you can buy the shifters new from Ribble for £49.99, which is a decent price:

  • Yeah that was my fall back. I’ll pass on these mate, purely because the rest of the stuff will go to waste by not being used if I took the whole lot off you.

    Cheers again

  • I’ve got some Nitto bullmoose that I’m not in love with - would need postage as I’m in Dublin.

    They have quite a lot of rise - if that’s the ones you are after?

  • Hey thanks for reply. The b906 ones with the straight front (and non-quill / threadless).

    Let me know how much you want for them posted.


    Edit @cheekysnaker

    And edit, I should add they’re £55 on there not £34 as it may seem...

    basically all this is going on a bike barely worth spending money on, hence why I’m trying to do it cheaper.

  • You still after cx9s?

  • Still got cx9s?


Wanted: TRP CX9 mini v's, Nitto Bullmoose B906, Tiagra 4700 flat bar shifters

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