Headset press tool thingy

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  • Having wrestled with a large vice, blocks of wood and threaded rod, etc. anyone got one they're looking to part with?

  • Just belt it with a massive hammer!

  • A vice should do it. Are you trying to do both cups at the same time?

  • Make one, it's probably the cheapest option

  • Love this forum. Three replies all ignoring what you're asking for and telling you the (three different) right ways to do it.

  • I borrowed one from a friend, a block of wood and a hammer was more useful.

  • To borrow or buy?

  • Love this forum

    Definitely this.

    Right, thank you all.

    Not in order, was looking to buy rather than borrow, have a sledge hammer (well, two, and an axe) so might try that, didn’t occur to me to use the vice to press in one cup at a time (but the massive Record vice is fixed to the top of a bench so it’s a bit awkward in a tiny shed), the home made one I’ve cross threaded so maybe a beefier bit of threaded rod.
    If I lived further West I could maybe look out for one of these...

    ...in the meantime will keep searching :)

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  • One cup at a time is the way. With two cups you've got two wobbly slidy things just waiting to f up your alignment. I use a woodworking vice.

  • Well, now that makes sense. And so blinding obvious that it confirms I have very limited common sense. Also have a (really) big wood working vice so I’ll try that out next weekend. Far too cold today to be outside banging my thumbnail with a mallet.

  • You can make cheap ones with some threaded rod and nut and washers all in any DIY store

  • Can I recommend a rubber mallet?

  • I bought a cheap LifeLine. Was really simple and worked first time flawlessly.

    As someone who’s used hammers and wood before, the proper tool just made it so much easier.

  • For the headset or my thumb?

  • Buy/make the tool. Makes it so much easier.

  • Both tbh, but mostly for the headset

  • Are you still looking for a solution?
    I think I may have a spare kit (nylon discs, washers, threaded rod and nuts) I bought from ebay and never used it.
    You can have it for postage.
    I’ve used a similar method tons of times without any problems; one cup at a time.

  • That sounds very reasonable, pm with details?

  • Sure; let me dig it out tomorrow and I’ll be in touch.

  • Meant to say thank you, got this in the post yesterday:)

  • No probs. Hope it works out.

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Headset press tool thingy

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