• Further price drop on the IRC tyre

    IRC Formula Pro X Guard 25mm tubeless tyre that has never been used on the road or track or anywhere...zero usage... but has been put on a wheel and sealant added...after removal, I did my best to remove sealant detritus....These get good reviews and can only be bought from The Cycleclinic in Suffolk....They cost £55...£28 >£27>£26>£25 posted.

    Shimano 5703 10s triple band on front mech...unused and boxed....£15 posted

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  • More photos....The front mech is a band on has a shim for narrow tubes.

    More details on the tyre including reviews.


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  • I'll have the triple front mech.
    Let me know how you want to be paid.

  • Good tyre that - I run 28s myself otherwise would grab

  • I was selling a 28mm on here a few weeks back but no interest was shown...so I sold it on eBay 😿

  • Front mech provisionally sold

    IRC tyre £28>£27 posted

  • £27>£26 posted

  • £26>£25....getting close to eBay territory!

  • Final price drop before ebay...£25>£24

    Both items now sold.


Final price drop before eBay: IRC Formula Pro X Guard 25mm tubeless tyre and Shimano 5703 10s triple band on front mech

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