The Fucking Shorts? In This Weather? thread.

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  • beautiful day for running in shorts at arpund 12.30 today.

    I don't think the kid behind was involved in the V40 men's race, I beat him anyway.

    I did leave it until 2 minutes before the start to strip off though

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  • I wonder what would happen in the UK if it was like -10C for a week or two...

  • We'd get on with it. Nowt else you can do.

  • I live in Portsmouth and few years ago there was ,,snow” here for a week and on the third day there was no milk in the shops, people didn’t go to work and the city was basically paralysed. UK is not ready for this kind of weather as it happens so rarely it’s basically not worth it to be prepared.

  • Ah, move up north, we get on with. But yes, we don't prepare because it rarely occurs.

  • Makes sense. Never been to the North in the winter.

  • It's much like the south, only grimmer.

  • Still the case these days!

  • I'm usually the first and last knee exposer up my end and I have to put them away between november and february at least.

  • We'd get on with it.

    Yeah right. The country would shut down. It’d take a couple weeks for us to get to the point where people would have to start ‘getting on with it’ in order to survive.

  • a ... scaffolder ... does do a lot of blow

    when you finish work at 2 and are pissed by 6, you need something to keep you going.

  • They’re called feet.

  • I find shorts more comfortable on the 1:20hr commute down to about 5 degrees and below that it’s leggings-time.

    Shins don’t really do much besides acting as fairings for your calfs.

    Hands get the worst of it. It’s all about massive gloves and shorts.

  • It’s all about massive gloves


  • Ha! Good thinking.
    Bike needs more top tubes tho.

  • Gah. I’m 57 now and I have to keep my legs warm to help stop any strains and tears. I’ve looked after my knees carefully since I started racing at 15 and they’re still pretty good but if my legs get cold then they really stiffen up. I guess I can’t really push that hard these days and so I don’t warm up as much as I used to.

  • I have the drop bar ones too, they are fucking bliss.

  • I couldn't find any long lycra today so I wore shorts and it was fine. I even got a PB up Canonbie. Therefore, shorts are faster.

  • My mate wore shorts and he died.

  • Cartoon

  • Around zero in town and still counted about four people in shorts. I still can’t feel my toes.

  • might be the first long shorts day of the year

    short shorts for the win

  • find shorts more comfortable on the 1:20hr commute down to about 5 degrees and below that it’s leggings-time.

    Ditto. Was in shorts most of last week, but sub 5°c and it's bib-tights time.

  • I like shorts, apart from the times when I don't like shorts, which is when I like something else.

    These times are mostly different, but they sometimes overlap.

  • Staunch short wearer here. Merino longjohns underneath when it gets frosty but otherwise by the time I'm out into the bigger roads I've forgotten I'd felt any cold in my legs.
    Because they're so much more comfortable than trousers and I work inside ill often just leave them on, providing many a formulaic conversion with international students about how cold it is (in early September) yet I have my legs out.

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The Fucking Shorts? In This Weather? thread.

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