The Fucking Shorts? In This Weather? thread.

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  • People cycling in fucking shorts at this time of year. Even this morning when it was foggy and just above freezing, I saw a guy ambling along through Canonbury in shorts, and no gloves. It made me cold just looking at him. What’s wrong with people?

  • Scottish.

  • Yea, noticed a few short wearing walkers too, and a bloke on the train

    Something to aspire to...

  • I wear shorts at work (no, I'm not a postman), so naturally commute in them.

  • At my primary school we didn't get the option, so now the cold doesn't bother my legs in terms of temperature.

  • It get so cold (won't go above -20C during January February for days or even weeks at a time) where I live that if you start dressing warm at the first hint of winter you'll soon run out of layers. I'm definitely a hold out.

  • Where’s that? Sounds really cold.

  • How old are you?

    What's micks user name? I am having a brainfart... He always wore shorts.

    Edit @mmccarthy

  • Shorts are ok for running in this weather but gloves and foot layers at my age otherwise it’s agony and months of chilblains /borderline frost nip

  • I wonder why parents still send their infant children to school in shorts in Winter. They look miserable.

  • Not as old as that sounds,I did cover my legs with a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle print sweatpants if thats a better indication for you?

  • Nah it's not this.

    I'm a shorts wearing Scot, I wear them at work (also not a posty) and therefor have the knees oot long after most have put them away but I do relent eventually.

    I have no idea what the temps really were today but given the amount of ice and frost around I'd say below freezing most of the day so I was wearing tights and using barmitts and a bunch of about a dozen passed me and there were 3 or 4 of them in shorts.

    I put it down to stupidity rather than braveness.

  • Iowa City, Iowa.

  • Sounds? You sir are the master of understatement.

  • Was more of reference to post war children not having long trouser till they were 18.

    Also, which version of the turtles - Live action or cartoon?

  • Anything below -15C feels surreal to me. Everything seems oddly silent.

  • Depending on where in the world you are, the temperature feels different. From my experience anywhere around 0C in the UK feels much worse (colder) to me than let’s say -15C in Poland. The humidity and wind just gets to me I guess.

  • Bloke down the pub says if you cycle with bare legs below freezing you get knee pneumonia. Really bad for your knees.

  • What's micks user name?


  • Legs don't have nerve endings which feel cold. There's never any need for anything other than shorts.

  • A guy recently starting working with us who’s a former scaffolder is complaining about being way too hot in chainsaw trousers at the moment. He’s still in a vest or shirtless at any given opportunity to counteract not being able to wear shorts any more..
    He does do a lot of blow at the weekend which might explain why he runs hot to a certain extent. We saw his mates on site putting up some poles the other day: one lad was in denim cutoffs and the traditional cropped hi-viz loved by scaffolders. No shirt, no gloves in the pissing rain at 8am.

  • Not just you, it is the damp that imakes it worse.

  • Got it a minute ago.

  • Yeah I think Tallinn hit -20c when I was there. Didn’t seem too bad other than the bogies up my nose freezing.

  • you get knee pneumonia


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The Fucking Shorts? In This Weather? thread.

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