FTF Fat Tyre Fixed

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  • As @Eamesy alluded to it's a little problematic to squeeze a chainstay between a fat tyre and a track crackset and I also didn't want to use a yoke.

    My mindset is usually to stick to standards and ensure some cross compatibility between bikes and components: if this crank breaks then I can nab the one from my track bike etc etc but this bike is being built to meet my specific needs and once finished will be left as is and ridden rather than fettled with. So on this one I'm making a departure from track standards as leaving the 42mm chainline behind makes life a lot easier.

    I plugged a lot of different chainstay/component/OLD permutations into CAD and for me the best option is Life cross bend stays, a 47mm chainline, 130mm hub and 130bcd chainset allowing me to run up to a 46t chainring. This also gives interesting options for cranks.

    The Surly ultra new hub meets the above specs but only come single sided fixed, however the Halo Fix G seems like a great option...double sided fixed with adjustable chainlines. Goldtec were previously running on 46mm chainline which would work but I haven't been able to find one.

    Mapping out tyre/guards/clearance issues

    I had to manipulate the chainstays a little then press a couple of dimples for tyre clearance and we're good!

  • Nice one, yeah I was curious what you'd managed to squeeze in there and how as I remembered it had DA cranks

  • From here it's into the build :)

    More chainstay processing

    Sehr gut

  • I had to add material and reshape the dropouts (same as on my Bahnrad) to get the seat stays to run nicely into them

  • Tubeset spec:

    • 44mm HT
      Zona maintubes
    • 38 DT
    • External butt 28.6-29.8 ST
    • 31.8 TT custom formed at ST end to 36x28 oval
    • 39mm BB shell
      Life short taper rear end
    • Cross bend chainstays
    • Single bend seatstays
  • Tacked!

  • HT junctions finished

    It was a busy weekend!

  • Nice fillets.

  • Fastback dropouts are nice!
    Really enjoying watching this coming together.

  • oi, lemme chip in as fellow neuköllner with a ftf thats a bleed from the trp hyrds away to be rollin´.
    (mine is a octane one kode with 135mm back end spacing, 650b 47c horizons, running 135mm surly new ultra hub with rear disc brake)

    rear brake is mandatory in zjermany and the Fahrradpolizei checks this:

    I had to pop by within two weeks at the police station and show I installed a rear brake..

    possible to do a rear disc brake with 120mm spacing, get an adapter for double sided hub for disc brake?
    or wait, its 130mm? squeeze an extra 5mm and use the aforementioned hub?


    f*ck da police

  • Awesome, thanks for the details. You have some of the most enviable current projects.

  • Thanks! No project thread, I'm bad with this sort of things. But some more details in the Road Fixed thread here and another pic. Happy to give more details!

  • Yo @Rodolfo thanks for the input. Bikes sounds rad too, let’s see it!

    Have you been stopped before or since? I’ve been here about 18months now and never been stopped so I’m leaning towards option 2. I reckon I’ve got the ways and means to get a rear brake on there given 2 weeks if need be.

  • Looks amazing, super practical and comfortable! I’m just curious about the spacing and chainline...track standard? Actually if you have a geo chart I’d love to see it...

  • your not fucking around with this! paint?

  • I love how your projects go from 0 to 60 in fuck all time. Strong work.

  • Cheers! The rear hub is a Surly Ultra New disc + fixed so that's not track standard for sure. The cranks are Stronglight Track 2000. We just used a longer BB, there's enough clearance for the 44t chainring (I could probably go a bit bigger if needed as well) and the chainline works nicely. I'll ask Sam if he can share the geo charts.

  • Yeah I am afraid i am turning a little bit German by wanting to abide to ZEE GESETZ but aye, I don't want the headache of having to deal with it.

    No never afterwards. But saw in Mitte where I work on several occasions fixieskidders with only a front brake being pulled over by the fahrradpolizei and getting the same treatment.

    I just thought, whilst your at it, do it properly so not having to deal with it. But your call of course. Have never seen them in NK but I believe they're expanding the fahrradpolizei force in conjunction with developing the cycling infrastructure.

    Pics will happen in the new year, too much to do with house move and crimbo and family stuff until then.

    I am running an Alfine crank with 44t mounted on the outside spider and that gives a good chainline if of interest

  • Gotta strike while to motivation is hot!

    Paint...well I want it to blend in when locked up but still bring a smile to my face...if the painter does good with my track bike I think that’s the brief I’ll give him.

    He just did a deep metallic blue frame with oil spill effect logos which was lovely. Like that but black would definitely fit the bill above for me.

  • Hmm food for thought but I’m gonna take my chances I think

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FTF Fat Tyre Fixed

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