• Some seriously regretful sales here but needs must.

    All prices include postage to UK addresses, payment by paypal please.

    All cameras have been used and perform well, as I say these are very reluctant sales.

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  • That Fuji looks cool. What’s the price?

  • Interested in the Pen half frame pending price.

    Edit: I'm out, too much developing to pay for rather than buy another camera.

  • Prices

    1. Nikonos II with 35mm F2.5, strap and cap -£145 (now £135)
    2. Olympus Pen D3, half frame, 32mm F1.7 - £115(now £105)
    3. Fuji Tough K28 Compact, 28mm F3.9 lens - £60 (now sold)
    4. Olympus MJU II - £165(now sold)
    5. Think Tank Retrospective 30 shoulder camera bag - £75 (now £60)
    6. Wista Graflok 5x4 rollback (6x9 format) - £145 (now £135)
  • Annoyingly you seem to know how much it’s all worth 🤣

  • Make me an offer!

  • Price drop on everything, you guys need these cameras in your lives!

  • All I can offer is eternal gratitude, and while that has some value, it is certainly not fiat currency. GLWS, if I suddenly find some dollar under the mattress I’ll be back.

  • Pm'd

  • woah is that how much mju ii's are worth now?!? I have about 3 of them deep somewhere in the wardrobe and I remember buying them for about £20 each a long, long time ago. better dig them out.

  • We're all in this boat. I bought so many for under a fiver from charity shops and car boot sales that I'd just give them away when mates needed a cheap 35mm camera. I sold a broken one for about £40 on ebay for god's sake.

  • According to Ebay that's about 40 quid less than they are worth!

  • Damn, I should try flog my broken one...

  • Watch the price collapse as all of you try to flog them at the same time...

  • Interested in the fuji tougho

  • Yeah, it's a fun camera. PM me for payment details.

  • Fuji tough sold.

    £5 off all the remaining cameras (prices edited in OP)

  • Black Friday price drop.....

  • Another price drop.

  • MJU II sold!

  • D3 and Nikonos II still available. Make me an offer :)

  • More photos of the lovely wee D3.

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  • Olympus D3 sample images.

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  • More Nikonos images

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  • Price drops.

    Olympus D3 - Now £95
    Nikonos - Now £120
    Think Tank Bag - Now £55
    6x9 120 Rollback - Now £120

    Also for sale Nikon F Mount Samyang 14mm F2.8 lens, cheapest on ebay is £220. Looking for £200 posted.

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Film Camera Sale - Nikonos II, Pen D3 half frame, MJU II, Fuji Tough, Graflok 5x4 rollback (6x9), Think Tank Retrospective 30 Bag

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