Finishing Grandad's JOGLE

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  • Sounds like a fantastic trip.

    Soma is too long for me, sure it's PhilDAS sized.

  • Inb4 90 degree seat tube, 60 degree head tube and a 160mm fork

  • Nah that's the bike @platypus will win the HT550 on!

  • Yours can have a 60 degree seat tube and 90 degree head tube

  • I could maybe knock something together. If I ever get finished the one I’m already doing that is.

    I’ve been riding around on my first frame and it’s fully sick so I’m quite confident I can make something decent enough for the task.

  • If you use Route 1 holla around Dunfermline. I should be here contract permitting and you can crash, warm shower etc if it fits schedule.

    Mostly because this warmed my black stone heart.

  • NDS photo fail, but what an amazing quest!

    I've done a bit of night time cycling on my own, and it is definitely character building. It made me nicer in the short term (ie coming home to the family at 6.30 in the morning), but long term I'm still grumpy.

    +1 for the old new bike idea

  • Great photos, great plan. Bike... obviously none of the ones you currently own will be quite right for the job, so probably some fettling at a minimum, and I suppose a new bike would probably be best. Looks like your Grandad just grabbed his bike (excellent mudguard flaps) and set off though.

  • Love it. Great reason for doing jogle. When you get Cheshire/Shropshire way give me a shout, if you'd like some company for a few hours.
    Met a guy from Glasgow doing lejog a couple of years ago, he looked shattered but his spirits were high, rode with him for a bit, loved hearing his tales of the road.
    And yes, do it on a bike you've built.

  • Don't forget the period correct frame pump!

  • This sounds so good, if you're coming through Liverpool let me know and will guide, food whatever you need

  • Fantastic idea! Look forward to seeing your progress. I agree with the others who've suggested not overplanning this too much, & letting it be an adventure!

  • An excellent plan/project...will definitely be keeping an eye on this thread.

    Did a solo LEJOG nine(!) years ago now - still up there as one of the best twelve day 'holidays' I've had. Enjoy!

  • Sounds awesome!

    Happy to assist with routing / campsites / god pubs and food stops around Somerset!

  • only replying to sub to a great looking thread, but that ticket was bloody expensive for 1983..

    roughly £200 if you use pints as your inflationary metric...

  • pints as your inflationary metric

    Decent chunk of a pint is tax these days, probs closer to ~£125 in real/today money

    Good thread. If I can be bothered to fire up the sewing machine I'll make you a tinyfuckingframebag for a quick link and some tyre levers

  • I best make the frame triple triangle especially then

  • If you do then I'll put my money where my mouth is (fix the njs frame first plz)

  • Sounds a great trip, with a great backstory too. Look forward to following progress. As above, very happy to offer local route advice/food etc in Shrops!

  • What a great idea! Your grandad sounds like a boss.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the multi-day aspect, just keep eating. It gets to the point where eating becomes a chore, but if you keep the food going in, you'll have the fuel to keep the legs turning.

  • Cool idea. When are you doing it and where in the Wirral will you start from? I'll try and come to wave you off.

  • In the summer, not sure more exactly yet.
    Wirral will be the mid point but Wallasey to be more precise. Family and I are from there but parents moved to Shropshire after losing my grandparents

  • Great thread but i think you should give @kjlem ‘s idea some proper consideration...

    edit - ignore, re-read. Building your own bike would be epic too.

    (or theres always the cannondale....)

  • Ah, I misinterpreted. I thought you were starting from where he left off. My dad lives in Heswall. I'll follow this thread with interest.

    Don't buy a new bike! Just ride the ones you've got.

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Finishing Grandad's JOGLE

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