Indoor training with zwift

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  • Hi guys,

    Don’t know if this is the right forum. I have no idea what I need to get training indoors, does anyone have any advice? Ideally I’d like to train using zwift, but don’t know anything other than that! Happy to answer questions to give more info!

  • Do you want to chase avatars around or train or a bit of both?

    I'm sure you can train on Zwift but if your really want to focus on training, then try trainerroad and choose your own entertainment. Music/TV has to be more entertaining than chasing avatars and if you are training, you can't really chase avatars anyway..

  • That sounds good too, do you have any recommendations?

  • For what exactly?

    TrainerRoad has loads of plans that you can choose for your goals. Ideally you'll have a trainer with a powermeter.

    You can learn the basics on power from one of their videos­5jY

    Read about starting with a base phase here..­e-phase

  • I am a vet making a come back. Invested in a power meter a couple of months back. Thrown out the window the old school way (I.e base miles, racing to get fit, weights, club runs etc) and just doing high intensity on rollers with plenty of active recovery. I am thus far astonished by the improvements made in two months. I was a bit old School and very sceptical I.e I thought I had to loads of ‘base miles’ weights and spend half the weekend on my bike. These are the rules abstain from alcohol as much as possible (this as been the hardest bit for me) club runs are not training, racing is not training, knocking about with your mates is not training, commuting is not training, buy and learn to use a power meter, record everything you do on the power meter especially records of pbs, cadence always over 100rpm, recovery is crucially important and part of training. How I do it, I train almost every day, but around 2 out of 3 days my training is active recovery strictly spinning 100 rpm about 170 watts for 45 mins, ratio of hard effort in training is about 10%,(Sounds easy but I am shitting myself on hard days cause it hurts!) session of 1min 3min 5min and occasional 20 mins in a session about 45 mins long. About 3 or 4 efforts with plenty of recovery between efforts. A lot of cyclist will say this is bull shit but it really works for me! Equipment bike obviously, I use rollers (much more fun than a turbo easier on your knees and hips and won’t snap your bike!) I use a power tap hub and connect it by blue tooth to my lap top and use Rouvy to record my rides.

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Indoor training with zwift

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