Peugeot mountain bike BB Help

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  • So i got given some old Peugeot frame that looks like an old MTB frame from the 90s, i would like to build something out of it for the missus, Basically before i strip it, Does anyone know what type of BB they normally are? and could i fit a threaded GXP BB on it? Or what newer style BB can i fit on this hunk.


  • Are you sure it's from the 90s? In the 80s most (all?) Peugeots had French-threaded BBs, in the 90s I think you can have either French or BSA.

    Also, HT2 > GXP.

    EDIT: the switch from French to BSA may have occurred in the mid-80s.

  • @Lolo Is there a way to find out? to be honest i am a little bit of a noob at this,
    If it is mixed HT2 will be ok?

    If it is 80s and French BB, would i still get a way with newer BB? if so which BB?
    Apologies for the questions.

  • Post a picture. If it's French -threaded you won't be able to fit outboard bearings, you'll need to stick to a French square taper BB.

  • @Lolo thanks mate, Big help! i will post a photo when im home.

  • I've got a 90s Peugeot build at the moment too! But have yet to replace the BB. I know mine is made in Taiwan so hopefully it'll be English threaded.

  • I don't know if MTBs are different, but they switched to English in the mid 1980s on road frames. Mine from 1985-ish is English.

    (there are plenty of old Peugeot catalogues floating around on Google - you can figure out the year by matching the decals)

  • That early, (I thought it was early 90s but I may have got that wrong)? I doubt they would have a French BBs on MTBs if they switched to BSA on the road though, so if the cutout is 1985 it would be for the whole production, no?

  • I had a quick search online on the usual suspects (tonton vélo, vélotaf etc...) and I can't find any more info apart from someone mentioning the whole of the 80s production was French threaded, which @grams has now shown isn't true. I also found a mention of 1989 leisure model with English threads, so the switch couldn't have happened in the 90s...

    So probably good new for the OP.

  • @Lolo @grams sorry for the awful photos best I could

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  • You can re-tap French BB threads to BSA anyway so you will be fine putting any BSA threaded BB in it.

  • So it’s apparently a Peugeot anaconda however I can’t find the BB spec

  • The way the lockrings are tightened will tell you that (they're loosened anti-clockwise on both DS and NDS on French BBs).

  • Retrobike would probably have the answer

  • That graffiti style graphics is 1990-ish, so very likely to be English BB.

    (the model names aren't very meaningful - they used lots of different names for the same frames)

  • English threads , I sold stacks of them back in the day.

  • Super awesome paint job, this deserves a full build thread please! If the BB works well/comes out cleanly and can be re-greased etc. would it be necessary to change it?

    If so/you want to change it anyway and it comes out English threaded then a normal HT II should be ok I think.

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Peugeot mountain bike BB Help

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