Kona Lana’i, Kona Cinder Cone, 26ers

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  • I wouldn't use either. One trick taught to me was to use some LS-X as it never set and keeps water out.

  • Love the colour of the Cinder cone. do you know what year the frame is? It reminds me of when I first got into mountain biking, seen it a lot in mbuk etc.
    is it maybe 1998 to 2000?

    Edit - doh, read thread again, 2000! Its very memorable to me for some reason

  • That orange really is peak millennium bug radness! (Also: sometimes I close the door to the garage and turn off the light just to marvel at the glow-in-the-dark decals.)

  • Rolling chassis

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  • ...and done!
    Front derailleur sorted with a shim - new BB-UN55 and Deore XT anno 1993.
    Mini-V in the back, Deore V up front - both of them feel like they’ve got some bite.
    Fork still feels like a pogo stick, but I’ve had so much fun ripping around the local trails this afternoon.

    Everything on the final build is parts bin except pedals, headset and bottom bracket which I’m sure you can tell. Lana’i is Hawaiian for yard sale though (right?) so I’m keeping it in that spirit.

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  • Sold the Cinder Cone yesterday.

    Lana’i is now as pictured thanks to handlebar tip from @t0-ster

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  • Rad

  • The more I ride the plastic Unicanitor, the more I think it is the perfect saddle. Got it second-hand in perhaps 2012, it is indestructible, impervious to weather and such a good shape.
    Now when the Cinder Cone is gone my next bike will be a BMX - not sure what kind but I'm absolutely certain it’ll have a BMX Unicanitor to perch upon.

  • Since last update: new tyres, cut steerer and prepped for handlebar change - this bike has lived outside as you can see from the rust and dust. Still my most ridden bike but I’m looking for a replacement with a drilled fork (or a fork swap) to put the Wald 137 (not pictured) on a small front rack instead of the struts it comes with.

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  • I'd be interested in those bars if your selling?

  • Surely not worth the shipping from Sweden though - no-name MX bars w/ 22.2 clamp size - should be available all around the globe?

  • This is not a weightweenie build in any way, but this handlebar swap is nonetheless welcome

    Better daylight pics to come

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  • The only pictures that turned out close to ok

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  • I‘m thinking of getting a Surly Troll 420 A-C fork to replace the current 440 A-C for this Kona - how much will I mess up geo and handling? Current rake 38 mm, Surly fork 43 mm
    Any input is very much appreciated

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Kona Lana’i, Kona Cinder Cone, 26ers

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