• Have to continue the clearout, there's not even a dent been made in my lockup!
    Dibs and PM.
    Can be collected in Portsmouth or taken to London when I'm up. That will be at the end of this coming weekend and next one.
    Postage at cost and 4% PP fees please.
    Many thanks. Tom

    Forest Cycles frame and fork
    Can't finmuch about this company online but it has their contact number on a sticker if anyone would like to chat to them..
    Very nice, very rare and very light Ishiwata 017 steel tubing. Lugged build
    55TT ctc, 55ST ctt
    100mm front, 130mm rear
    27.2mm seatpost
    1" threaded forks and for quill stem
    British threaded
    Painted black
    Forest Cycles logo on NDS of DT
    Canti brake mounts front and rear
    Front brake (Shimano) and hanger included
    Seatclamp bolt and beater seatpost also included.
    Usual scuffs and scrapes. One or two super shallow TT dings from handlebars. They don't come up in photos.
    Will get some pics etc as possible.
    £200..180..160..150 please
    Thanks T

  • Some pics. This could be made into a properly light and beautiful bike :)

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  • wow with Ishiwata 017 tubing this bike is a proper lightweight.
    It must have been built as a thoroughbred cyclocross racer.

    Too tiny for me alas,

  • Cheers mate. Aye really is light and also beautifully made, really high quality wedding and nice touches with braze one, the brake mount styles etc. Of not the dropouts are Suntour so a very nice piece of kit.
    Will pop it on the scales this weekend out of interest :)
    Cheers. T

  • Super cool.
    How does the rear brake routing work at the rear ? Cant see a cable stop

  • only seems to be half of the story, there is cable stops at the front of the tube but none at the rear.

  • Hey,
    So I think that @Rod_Saetan is correct with that picture. Just double checked the frame and it doesn't look like there are nor were any stops at the rear for some reason. The seatpost in it was frlled through though so that's one way you could do it I guess ;)! T

  • weird ;)
    have a bump

  • Agreed. Could easily be solved with a cable clip or tie wrap ;)
    Thinking it’s probably some Japanese made frame which has been respirated and re branded. The tubing is too unusual/rare for European tube sets. Plus the dropouts kinda give it away too. Price bump too. Cheers. T

  • Final pre-ebay price drop. Cheers. T

  • Ok. So last drop before eBay this weekend. Cheers! T

  • No offence but is it me, or is it a bit too much for unknown, repainted, not very nice and used frameset? I couldn't sell my columbus genius frame with perfect paint for a long time for a price at this lvl.
    It's ok but i've seen frames like that with og. paint for 100 euros on fb recently with no interest.
    Maybe hype is gone? Or whatever?

    Personally i like it but i think is too much.

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Forest Cycles steel geared frame and forks, Ishiwata 017 steel

Posted by Avatar for tomsvoboda @tomsvoboda