Inside or Out! Cyclists dating non cyclists

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  • She's stated that I cannot have my bike inside.

    Red flag

  • I'm lucky enough to have a garage for my bikes.

  • One bed ground floor flat. We’ve got our two shopping/pub bikes locked up outside our bedroom window on the ground floor at the front, the commute bikes and my ebike live out under cover on the patio, nice road bikes and the Bromptons live in the fully-tanked and decorated basement. Mountainbikes, odd and ends and my old race bikes live in a rented garage and lock-up. Think we have about 30 odd bikes in total. Wife is a dead keen cyclist (which was a key reason we clicked, tbh) so it’s never been an issue.
    When we met I had a 3-bed house and I kept my prized Moto Guzzi cafe racer in the hallway. She was fine about that too.

  • If you do store your bike outside your main residence, what measures do you take?

    I just don't, unless it's a robust commuter and/or have a proper metal bike shed.

    As a mechanic, I strongly advised people to store bike indoor, as even just leaving it in a damp shed can cause corrosion, I lost count how many "new" bike have to be completely stripped down and rebuild with new part (worse one was left outside a houseboat in Twickenham, a £1,000 bike ridden for 20 miles that now need £400 worth of work).

  • She doesn't like it stored in her place because she doesn't like walking passed it in the passageway. She can't get to the coat cupboard on the on time that she needs it.

    I wouldn't even recommend storing it in the hallway as this is a pretty common way of bike getting stolen indoor (this had happen to me and other, kick down door, grab bike and ride away within a couple of second).

    Lastly, it is also a fire hazard making it diffcuilt to escape the premise, the best thing you can do is leave it in a different room.

    This is a pretty good time to have the chat, if you've been dating her for quite a long time, sans onion.

  • I bought two of these @ChainBreaker they were perfect and very sturdy shop fitting ones, not the flimsier style.

    I no longer need them as I now have a secure brick built shed (where 5 bikes, 3 frames live). Let me know if you’re interested.

  • DealBreaker

  • If this is in her flat then it's her rules really.

    If its somewhere you are getting together then if she gets to ban the bike presumably there's a quid-pro-quo and you get to rule out one of her items from being allowed inside?

  • Bought what exactly? Nothing to see? Nothing linked. No photos...

  • The floor to ceiling storage racks that @MA3K who I was replying to sold me.

    I don’t have pics to hand atm

  • All bikes inside in the utility room - quickly accepted, and became known as the bike room.

    Looking forward to when she finds the turbo set up in the living room.

    This, however, upsets her.

  • Commuter bikes are locked up inside a locked shed, in a locked garden, and road/MTBs inside the house.

  • Apparently only bike allowed in the house is my wife’s cx bike, which she loves too much to put outside (although she’s got a tt bike and a track bike in the loft so technically indoors) . Bin the girlfriend may be the only answer.

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  • Two in the house. One I use all the time the very secure garage. If I didnt have the garage I would keep all in the house. I couldn't live without having a bike so not being able to keep it somewhere genuinely secure would be a deal breaker for living with someone.

  • If this is in her flat then it's her rules really.

    How were the bikes stolen from the "secure" storage? Has anything been done since to make it more secure? Are you sentimental about your bike? Would your insurance cover it if it was stolen from the secure storage?

  • It seems impractical to have these in front of a door.

  • When I moved in with my then gf, now wife, I specified we buy a flat with a garage. That was to keep the motorbike in, it went without saying there’d be bicycles in the flat.

    She isn’t much of a cyclist. She does now have two bikes of her own though!

    There’s now the motorbike and about 7 fully built bicycles (plus more frames, forks, wheel sets etc than I could count) in the garage, 2 bikes in the flat and since I started framebuilding there’s usually a couple frames rattling around in here too.

    I guess being in ‘the industry’ helps to justify it but even with the motorbike which is nothing to do with my job, outdoor storage just isn’t an option for me and I didn’t need any polls or evidence to convince the Mrs of that.

  • Your insight is appreciated. How did you deal with dating a non cyclist.

    Compromise. Always. I moved us somewhere with no bike racks for a mile. So all bikes have to be inside. Only allowed 2 tho. But have loft space for frames etc.

  • mtb in the garden.


  • All bikes inside. Compromise on other shit.

  • Fully built bikes that are in rotational use.... nope. If I’m inside, they’re inside. Not communal. In fucking side. If I had a secure shed I would accept putting. Them there but only because my garden is surrounded by walls and barbed wire, neighbours windows and surrounding area with easier targets. Whether it’s your nice bike or your everyday commuter.. they matter. Leaving your bike outside is like leaving your car unlocked. It’s only a matter of time until someone takes advantage.

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Inside or Out! Cyclists dating non cyclists

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