Inside or Out! Cyclists dating non cyclists

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  • 2 favourites in the bedroom (single right now)
    2 workhorses in my storage cupboard in the celler (live in an apartment)
    1 commuter (plus daughters 24") in shared bike storage/garage

  • Bikes are inside. Used to live in a flat in a block where I wasn't allowed to keep it in the flat so kept it under the staircase outside the flat door and someone got in and nicked it. They'd clocked me coming and going with it. Simon kept his bikes in a shared shed in his block of flats and someone broke in and stole everything.

    Ask her if she'd be happy to leave something of equal value to her outside all night.

  • Would they allow Chainbreaker to sleep out on the streets of London’s famous London? Is he of less or equivalent value to them than the bike?

  • Ask her if she'd be happy to leave something of equal value to her outside all night.

    There you have it.

    Laptop outside?

  • Seems like most do the same as I do. I have 3 bikes in my office space, my wife's bike (Since we've been together she went from a boring but dependable Raleigh hybrid to her current bike with is a Fuji Feather CX which I built her as she wanted something cooler) and my town/pub bike. I also have two frames hanging in my wardrobe. Overflow is stored in a friend's workshop. Wife wasn't keen at first on the amount of bikes in the house but has come to accept it.

  • Dad/pub bike hanging from the wall outside under a cover and chained to a ground anchor, one bike in a local bikehangar locker thing, multiple frames / wheels etc in the shed and loft.

    Used to keep bikes inside but house is tiny and ever since recruiting two new family members space has been at an absolute premium.

  • @ChainBreaker Nicola and I have 3 bikes in our bedroom and Two frames on top of our bedroom wardrobe. Brompton in the hallway..

  • Don’t live with my girlfriend but she still let’s me keep one of my bikes in her room. She doesn’t even cycle.

  • Non-cycling other half, terraced house in London with no side return or other access not through the house.

    Bikes inside, obviously.
    The commuter was locked up outside for a few weeks over the summer while we had some building work done. It stays in the hall otherwise and would have been in the way.

    Road bike usually in the living room unless it's upstairs on the turbo or I've got the rollers out.

    I suppose I would have considered one of those locked & covered bike stores they've started putting on the street - for the commuter only - if the hall was too narrow or the building work dragged on.

  • Got the commuting bike in the bike store, cross bike in the bike cupboard, and mountain bike in the living room as the bike cupboard is only 700mm wide and the bars are 800mm. But then again we've plenty of non living room stuff in the living room, such as three sewing machines. I did look at getting a store for the balcony but there isn't anything commercially available.

  • 20 years, 5 flats, 3 gf's. All. Bikes. Inside. Always.

    As I believe Beyonce once said.. "If you like him then you shoulda let his bikes inside.."

    Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (whoa, oh, oh)

  • @ChainBreaker, has your girlfriend said why she'd prefer bikes to be outside? I'm sure working out what her issue with them being inside and addressing that and coming to some sort of compromise is probably going to be more productive than telling her all the weird bike pervs on lfgss think you should keep your bikes inside or replace her with more bikes if she doesn't budge.

  • When we were in flats, it was bikes inside. One flat had a communal shed where I would lock my commuter using a big chain but nice bikes were always inside. It wasn’t a debate, I just put them inside and that’s where they stayed. I now have a garden with a shed so bikes are in the kitchen.

  • I once had a partner who tried to fight my requirement to keep bikes inside, but I insisted. If they insisted the other way then it would be a dealbreaker. Now I have a secure garage so no issues.

  • May be worth considering something like this if you're going to store it inside. Keep the walls and floor a bit cleaner

  • Has anyone actually used one of these?

    They look a bit failed Dragons Den to me.

  • I did consider buying one to put the cross bike in after a race to keep the car clean. But I figured it was cheaper to pay the kids a £1 to clean the car.

  • cheaper to pay the kids a £1 to clean the car

    How much for the chimney ?

  • @dogs, assuming your flat is a similar layout to ours did you turn your utility cupboard into a bike cupboard too? I know a few on the estate did.
    Commuters, incomplete rolling chassis and my tourer(not ideal) in communal bike cage. Could be better but unlike ours most of the bikes in there are left unlocked.

    2x mtb + Lizzie’s tourer in utility cupboard.

    At one point when I first lived with Lizzie we had 3 tandems plus all the other bikes in our lounge on the top floor of a Victorian terrace.

  • I haven't, I've seen bikes in them (the half height ones) and they look decent but I don't know about getting them in and out.

    I was considering getting one as where my bike hung the wall was covered in tyre marks from it swinging round and scuffing the wall and after repainting I needed something to fix that. I ended up with a different solution though.

  • I did have the road bike in there as well until that went to its new home. The cupboard is like 700mm x 2000mm and has a washing machine in there, and in the other cupboard the heat distribution unit is smack in the middle, not in the corner like it was on the floor plans, which was a bit annoying as I wanted to use the space to move said washing machine in to.

  • Put it on the roof, that way you can jet wash the bike in-situ, plus the car if it got muddy from the bike and you don't fill the car up with mud.

  • (Front wheel goes in a Thule wheel bag).

  • She says it makes her think of student housing.

    From OP.

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Inside or Out! Cyclists dating non cyclists

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