Inside or Out! Cyclists dating non cyclists

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  • Hive mind, I need help... My gf and I are discussing shared/co habitation. She's stated that I cannot have my bike inside. I said this is not even feasible.

    I've said that I'd do a poll to see if people keep their bicycles inside their main residence or if they're housed outside whether it's a shed or against a lamppost. How they are stored every night (Daily commuters) or long term storage (dream)/ centre of pride bike) .

    If you do store your bike outside your main residence, what measures do you take?

    This is to show a non cyclist what the options are. Maybe broaden my views...

    She's adament that ppl don't store bikes inside. She says it makes her think of student housing.

    I would like some help. I don't see an issue wirh it hung on the wall near the door with a coat rack for my kit... She does.

    Your insight is appreciated. How did you deal with dating a non cyclist.

    (if theres a more appropriate thread please merge and let me know...)

  • Everyday city bike outside in the rack.
    Nice bike inside.
    NB not london. Low bike crime area.

  • I am fifty-one. My partner and I moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago with two children where we live in a lovely, but small apartment on a canal
    In London we had a garage where we kept bikes.
    In Amsterdam there was no question the nice bikes would come inside. We have 5 road bikes and a Brompton that live inside. We also have some Dutch bikes that live outside in the rain.

    I have had a think. Maybe your girlfriend is not againt bikes inside. Just your current 'scruffy' bike. I /think/ she is telling you to get a much nicer looking bike for inside.

  • ex-gf.

  • 2 bed flat, 4 bikes in the house, mtb in the garden.

    how do you deal with dating a non cyclist

    Built her a bike, showed her how much money she’d save. Now she commutes rain or shine and enjoys riding if 30 minutes or less

  • (Terraced house with small back garden)
    Commuter bikes in shed, bakfiets chained up in back garden, Brompton and best bike in the house. Am going to fit some wall hooks in a nook indoors to hang up the best bike vertically, leaving room for another one or two alongside - this should provide more room overall and will hopefully promote domestic harmony.

  • Looking forward to when she finds the turbo set up in the living room.

  • Track bike is wall mounted in the hallway
    Everything else in the garage

  • How wide is the hallway? How many bikes? How wet and stinky will it/they be? What part of the body will come into contact with it? Do you really want a Brompton?

  • Inside, obviously! It has become a bone of contention from time to time, but it’s the one thing that not up for discussion as far as I’m concerned. There stored in the utility room next to the kitchen so it can be closed off and you wouldn’t know there there.

    7 bikes and a cargo bike.

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  • I dated a few who where not cyclists by nature! If they said bikes outside i would say bikes inside your outside . I now live with all bikes spares wheels and door scrapes inside . We are both happy . I got here a made to measure quirk she loves it . Its all about balance it was 6.30 am when i saw the mike hall news ! I was gutted and she understood . Filling up again now oops .

  • Show the GF the Stolen bikes thread and how many get pinched from hallways and gardens and sheds and balconys, and even from inside the front door if the bike can be seen through the letter box....

    Or if it's really a non issue get her to underwrite a new one for you and ongoing replacements when they go missing :)

  • Every bike in the house at our place.
    That was 14 at one time, since minimised (in a 3 room house).

    Get some efficient floor to ceiling racks and a new partner.

  • We had a bunch of floor to ceiling racks and dedicated a room to all bike-related stuff.
    Commuter bikes are kept down for quick access in the morning.

  • all my bikes in the house

    this is london my friend, people will steal anything given the merest of chances

  • Your girlfriend has proven herself the gold standard in terms of what she'll put up with

  • Dated a girl who saw all the bikes in my house and said 'they'll have to go'. She had to go.

  • Bikes that I don't mind being stolen go outside
    Bikes that I'd like to keep go inside.

    That means none have ever lived outside.
    4 inside, plus a frame on the turbo and a Brompton.

    Last place I had the cupboard under the stairs opened up a bit with a tri-fold door so that I could easily keep 3 out of the way, then the commuter was at the end of the kitchen by the back door.

    Next house (touch wood) has a basement. This was one of the major considerations as I'd like to keep bike clutter down but bikes up.

    I'd be surprised if someone that thought my bikes lived outside would put up with me long enough to get to a point where we'd need to have that discussion.

  • Me and Jana had 13 bikes and an extra five wheelesets when we first lived together. All lived inside. In fact we devoted a whole bedroom to them.

  • Paging @hippy he has a angle vice on the kitchen table 😇

  • My wife tolerated me having two bikes in a one bed flat, with another two in the communal hallway along with her one.
    Since moving to a three bed house with a shed, and realising how annoying it is for her to walk to the shed and back to get her bike for commuting, all of our bikes now live inside
    If we had a garage and we didn't live in London, they'd probably all be in there

  • Inside. Always, so long as in London. Cycling is dear to me and is a large part of my life, if someone pressed for me to leave them outside, a direct comparison would be for the other person to leave their valuables outside too.

    The amount of of heartbroken people I see weekly that have had their bikes stolen is reason enough.

  • I am down to a single bike. My commuter is my nice bike. So i need accessability but it's also quiet clean and pretty looking. All the others are in components /frames and stored.

    She doesn't like it stored in her place because she doesn't like walking passed it in the passageway. She can't get to the coat cupboard on the on time that she needs it.
    They do have bike storage in the underground car park but last Christmas they had a break in where 16 bikes were stolen. Secure bike racks inside a locked bike cage inside a gated car park.

    This is setting a precident I think...

    She's even had a neighbous bike stolen from a 3rd floor balcony where its built on a dbl story garage..

    But really,it's one bike...

  • If I'm honest mate, I'd ask yourself if it's actually about the bike.

  • Store girlfriend outside, have a dedicated room for your bikes.

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Inside or Out! Cyclists dating non cyclists

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