Stolen: Ted James Design touring bike

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  • Kate's TJD was stolen today at some point from the bus station in Norwich. If anyone sees it or any identifying components (Shimano dyno/WTB KOM wheelset, Middleburn cranks with red spider, scuffed SRAM carbon SS levers) for sale. anywhere please let me know

  • Shiiiiit

  • Good news everyone! It was abandoned outside the city and someone found it and contacted Ted. Kate and bike have been reunited, and nothing apart from the locks appear to be missing or worse for wear.

  • Well that's the good news we all like to hear!

  • OOOOHHHHH that is a flippin stroke of luck.

    Maybe whoever nicked it worked out that is basically unsellable, a one-off etc. A quick google of TJD and you get ‘Custom Frames’. Or maybe they were just a wanker. Or both.

    So it was locked up? Jeez I bet Kate will be investing in a Shit Bike ™️ soon, if she doesn’t have one.

    I was actually having cold sweats thinking about how I’d have felt having this nicked.

  • Oi, good one. Dreamy biek!

  • What are the forks btw?

  • Oh my god. What a turn of luck. Jesus CHRIST!

  • Shit Bike ™️

    Yeah, this is definitely on the cards. Going to rebuild her old mtb frame into a mudguard basketbiek

  • Also a Ted James job. Custom fabricated tapered steerer and crown, Reynolds 631 legs. Copper plated, because why not. I'm sure he'd make you some if you wanted, it's a cool design

  • fucking ace to hear this bike and owner are reunited.

    more of this please

  • Aha. Too rich for my blood I presume, but ace forks. Copper plating sounds great.

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Stolen: Ted James Design touring bike

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