Sticking Freehub

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  • I’ve got an issue with my rear wheel that I’m hoping someone can help me with.

    It’s a DT Swiss 3 pawl disc hub on a R24 wheel. The problem started about a month ago when I noticed the chain would occasionally bunch up when free wheeling. It got a bit worse, so I did a hub service and cleaned and re greased everything. I also replaced the pawls. The cartridge bearings were smooth and the wheel spins on the axle without any issue. However when I tighten down the quick release the sticking starts again, so this seems to be the issue. If I leave the quick release as loose as I dare, the wheel is just about rideable, but still sticks a bit and isn’t ideal.

    Can someone advise what the problem might be?

  • Check your axle spacing

  • Ok, will do. How might that have changed over the last month or so?

  • End cap wandering off the axle? If it's screw on anyway.

  • Don’t think this is happening. All was secure when I rebuilt the hub after the service and it’s still sticking.

  • Post it in AQA and @ 'Tester

    Something has allowed the clamping forces to squish the free hub against the hub shell (or something on the freehub is contacting the hub shell) binding the whole thing up.

  • Good call, will do

  • Freehub cartridge bearings toast?

  • I didn’t think so, but I’ve just watched another video that shows the freehub body contains two different cartridge bearings, which I didn’t realise it contained. So that might be the issue.

    Tempted to buy a new freehub, as this one has lots of bite marks anyway.

  • Well it happened sometimes youll never know, if its run normal then whats the reason? Have you tried to dismantle errthing to see what is cause?

  • Or chain problem isn’t?

  • Balfe's Bikes are a DT Swiss dealer/service place if you do give up (I did when I couldn't figure out a problem with my 350s)

  • Chain replaced last week, wasn’t that.
    New rear mech ordered, but don’t think that’s the issue.

    I’ve fully dismantled the hub to service it and nothing g seemed amiss. However, there seems to be a second cartridge bearing in the freehub I wasn’t aware of, so will look at that tonight.

    If no joy there, then new freehub will be ordered.

  • Good to know, cheers

  • What grease did you use? You only need a little of/super light grease, like sturmey archer grease, even wet lube can work.

  • Mavic uses a dash of mineral oil. Yeah I know these are DT but the different approaches are interesting.

    It could be that the grease / oil used didn't play nice with the seal, making it swell, and causing the drag between the FH and the shell.

  • inside dt swiss hubs there's an internal shim - ringed below - that I think prevents the freehub from binding. Is that definitely there?

  • The grease was DT’s own, it came in a pot with the pawl service kit. I didn’t use too much.

  • Yes, that shim was definitely on there

  • Is there a very thin washer between the driver than the hub bearing?

    Also my friend was having this issue, and I took the free hub out, propped up the wheel at 45 degrees and poured some oil into the ratchet, and popped the free hub back, was fine.

  • Sorry for having doubted you! Good luck with sorting it.

  • I’ve taken it all apart again and double checked everything is present and correct. It is. Plus all bearings are ok.

    I have noticed my hanger is a little out of alignment, so my new thought is that perhaps the RD is a bit off and this is causing the issue. I’ve got a new derailleur coming and have straightened the hanger by eye, so will see if that’s the culprit.

    If not, I will be setting fire to the whole thing.

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Sticking Freehub

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