Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2020

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  • I've entered, fingers crossed :)

  • Imagine the meltdown in the FB group if he gets a place.

  • Imagine if he doesn't!

  • He has just completed/ is completing a 700km bikepacking trip with Tim Wellens around Spanish Lapland, must of got a taste for it

  • Yes in an interview he said he found the route on, which he follows as he is fascinated by it.
    I doubt him entering though as his main goals next season are TdF and Olympic Games.
    Perhaps after his pro racing career

  • A new flight route is opening between Bristol and Brest in March - thought it may be of interest for TCR starters.

    Small print: it's operated by Ryanair

  • I have a BNIB SPOT sitting on a shelf at home.

  • I was thinking about offering a hand somewhere too if I could find some time. I was pretty well decided on not racing it again and seeing the route now doesn't have my changing my mind on that.

  • Main thing is the batteries are likely to last the whole way so no need to faff replacing them and the controls seem a bit more intuitive.

    The Trace only has one button and is either on or off so I'm not sure about anything being more or less intuitive.

    It also uses the same 4x AAA batteries as the Gen3 so I'm not sure why you think the Gen3 would last longer than the Trace unless it has more power efficient GPS circuits in it, which I doubt.

  • Thanks, but I picked one up on ebay, arrived today.

  • Ooo how much you after?

  • 100 pounds of your finest cocaine.

  • Just based on experience, gen 3 lasted for two weeks on indypac and the guy I hired it from said it would probably last all the way, shouldn't need spare batteries

  • if i get a place i'll be round with some of the finest.

  • The Trace I had in TCR4 lasted the whole way and then I've had shit luck with the ones I've bought. This year's TCR it was in two ziplocks and a plastic bag and still died. Steve A reckons it could be vibration rather than water ingress so maybe a handlebar mount would solve that but whatever. The one from RaTN fucked out on me as well and that wasn't even a SPOT tracker. I think electronics just dies around me.

  • Where are you putting them to have vibration? I always have mine on my tail bag and never had a problem.

  • In the rain pouch on top of my saddle bag. I dunno. It was just a thought. I always figured it was water ingress.

  • Then again, I tend to make dumb calls re: weather AND have shitter navigation so perhaps it's just my stunningly poor decision making combined with my ability to find the worst surfaces.

  • Plus being big boned.

  • I'm not sitting on the tracker. Though if I was that would explain some things...

  • Poop ingress

  • Anti-theft paste

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Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2020

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