Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2020

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  • They did mention something about police escort/working with the local council so hopefully it won't be an issue.

  • The bit across belgium and Luxembourg has the possibility of being pretty relentless depending on route. Not big climbs but lots of them.

  • Yeah, already played a bit and heading south of the Ardennes can cut out quite a lot of climbing although adding some distance.

  • It’s pretty sawtooth in terms of profile around here but there are a lot of cycle paths and river valleys

  • Entries are live, although you need to stump up £25 to access the race manual

  • Planning on entering?

  • Yeah, I'm going to enter this year, TAW was a good warm up and I have a lot of the kit now! I am considering getting my own SPOT tracker as I'll prob enter a few things this year and the could be a slight increase in my chances of getting in. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it's worth it or not? SPOT currently have a 50% off the first years service plan deal.

  • I've just entered

  • Interesting quirk at CP4 - you can do it in either direction.

  • Think I'll try volunteer this year.
    Maybe do a shorter race.
    TPR would be good but daughter will just be starting school so that's a no go really.

  • Think I'll try volunteer this year.

    Go to a control or dot watch?

  • I’d like to be at a control.
    Not sure of my chances but it’d be nice to give back a little.

  • If I don't get a place, it would be fun to do a control.

    Is it competitive to be a volunteer now? I guess that is good. I wonder how they select. I'd have thought that previous riders would be the first choice, but maybe they don't do that as helping is seen as a way of getting a ride the next year and they want to leave a route in for new people.

  • Will be interesting to see what the application levels are this year. My hunch is that they will be way up - starting in the west again and the Fiona factor. But maybe not- it is a niche within a niche after all.

  • Getting hold of trackers is a pain for them, they have to get people like Doug Migden, to bring them over in their luggage from the US. It definitely doesn't make you less likely to get a place so, if you have use for it, it can't harm to have your own.

  • That was my thinking. Does anyone have an opinion on the SPOT 3 vs a Trace? It looks like they actually use the trace for TCR and it's smaller and cheaper.

  • I'd guess it'll be tricky to get a volunteer spot.
    Also need to progress the loft extension before I even float the idea!

  • The spot 3 is better than whatever I had from tcr in 2016. Main thing is the batteries are likely to last the whole way so no need to faff replacing them and the controls seem a bit more intuitive.
    whether that is worth the price difference I don't know, how much is it?

  • Based on a few online retailers, the Trace is about £30 cheaper and the subscription is about £20 cheaper so not much in it.

  • Spare batteries for the tracker was the one additional thing I wish I'd taken.
    Even though I didn't need them.

  • Also need to progress the loft extension before I even float the idea!

    A sensible plan!

  • Spare batteries for the tracker was the one additional thing I wish I'd taken.

    Even though I didn't need them.

    Yes, I'd always carry them: tiny and weigh nothing. But nice not to have to faff around actually changing them

    The other difference I remember is that with Gen 3 you don't need a screwdriver to open them. I carry one anyway on my multi-tool but it might save you having to carry an additional tool if you weren't planning to.

  • Ben Davies is competing next year.

    2020 looks to be an even bigger year, again competing in the TransPyrenees and a return to the Transcontinental Race with the goal of taking the top overall position!
    RWGPS Ambassador mail

  • Would love to see Abdullah go for the 'triple crown' and maybe a return of Fiona / Skinny / Bjorn / RJ. Lots of interesting possibilities after the results and performances of last year. Good to hear Ben is returning too.

  • Apparently Thomas de Gent saying on Twitter that he is thinking about applying...

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Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2020

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