Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2022

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  • Maybe hippy should attempt it so we can have a RAAAAM thread.

    It was on my list for years. I have a few books and videos on it for research. But it's just too expensive and complex. That's why I ended up doing TransAm.

  • We could crow-founding you as LFGSS athlete!

  • Don't they do cash for returning cans in the US?

  • "athlete" is such a strong word...

  • Fuck! I never thought of that!

    I'd make a fortune :)

  • "Sponsor-less rider shocks world by turning a profit on RAAM"

  • It’s just for attracting more stakeholders…
    We can call u “determined cyclist buddy”

  • Ha!

    (truth would be I'd get stuck in some bar with 40 craft beer taps and never make it out of California)

  • Ors Kelemen is about 100 km from the finish. One would hope that he will arrive later today. Happily James Houston is following his dot and will go to the finish line to welcome him home.

  • I also don’t think Anna handles the discussion very well.

    Remember that they're still on the road recceing and have been on the road for almost a month now.

    I'm sure they will review this years race and take on board the criticism, but that's unlikely to be public, or immediate.

  • @Bob_Thod

    Haha yeah classic.

    If it makes you feel better I'm just as skilled at drinking slabs of pisslager as the nonciest craft beer available.

  • Hehehe, then you're gifted with yet another skill I lack. Like a crow of judgement, I zoom into all the finish line and party pics to see what's available. Not a hazy DIPA in sight. Did spot a Staropramen though.

    I can totally relate to vegan & vegetarians, "yeah sorry I can't drink that, I suffer from a severe and terminal case of beer snobbery".

    That said, the next TCR finish should be sponsored by a craft brew no? Would that have any effect on the scratch rate?

  • Remember that they're still on the road recceing and have been on the road for almost a month now.


    but that's unlikely to be public

    I agree and I think that’s a shame.

  • Ors Kelemen is just about to finish. James Houston broke off a live Instagram feed to go and welcome him in.

  • With Örs finishing tcr8 is over.
    Also kudos to James to ride 45mins to the finish in the dark (again) to welcome him.

  • Well done Ors. Although it does look like he’s more set up for touring than racing.

  • Was James the only one there to welcome? Seems a shame if so

  • Who else would you expect to be there? It's been 4 days since the 3rd last rider arrived so he is long gone.

  • Brilliant. First step through finisher?

  • It would show a lot for the race organisers, in some fashion, to honour every finisher? Appreciate there is a GC time limit, but something about the spirit of it all… rambling on

  • Some racers finish the event literally months after the start. It's just not feasible. That's why there's time limits or no promises of welcomes at the finish.

  • No, I expect someone to sit there on a plastic chair and clap everyone in.

  • You're hired.

  • I expect those aerobars saved him a good bit of time. He probably needed to sit bolt upright to avoid banging his head on them. It goes to show that it is not all about getting really low at the front nowadays.

    They go well with his Marathon Plusses.

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Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2022

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