Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2022

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  • Midfoot shoes? Do you have your cleats in the middle of the shoe? If yes, by shoe design or by those swiss Midfoot plate adapters?

  • All mine are custom drilled shoes. I did try the Swiss thing in SPD form but didn't like it.

  • It's even odder. It was banned until a few weeks ago, then they specifically allowed it.

  • LOL.

    Rouge management.

  • That's really interesting. So normal shoes and you drilled it after knowing the position you need?

    What brought you down that path? Joint pain? Tendon pain? Numbness? Or sth else?

    I bought the Swiss adapters for both cleat styles last year. I meant to try them out on the indoor bike during the winter but never got to it. I'm chasing a solution for the dull rusty knife that Ulrich 50 describes. Like he says, I've learned to accept it, but it can't be right.

  • Normal shoes, drilled further back then Speedplay extender plate fitted and normal Speedplay cleat.

    Achilles tendonitis training for 24hr TTs.

    It's annoying having to fuck with shoes and use Speedplays though so I'm very tempted to go back to normal shoes and SPDs but it's been >10 years using them and I'm not sure I can face setting bikes up again with normal stuff.

  • Now I fully understand the challenge in that ladder.

    And if you have many bikes to adjust, it makes getting those crazy expensive custom formed carbon shoes look like a great option instead. Or just get new bikes and. .. no no, nevermind that silly idea.

  • I spent months talking to a custom shoe maker in Germany and they failed to deliver anything in the end. I basically now pick shoes with suitably wide soles (normally Shimano although I have Giro for my TT races now) and then get The Bike Whisperer to work out where to drill and do the drilling and baseplate stabilisation and then go for there.

    I have two pairs of Shimano shoes I've bought off ebay that I've not got around to getting modified yet. But at some point my current 'beater' shoes will die and I'll need a new pair. It's a pain to do and $$$. I use FiveTens and flat pedals on the MTB and gravel bike now because it's a lot easier (and they're way easier to walk in when needed).

  • Amrei (14), one of the Transcontinental x Mike Hall Bursary riders, finishing very soon (last parkour). 2nd class woman, right?

  • 2nd class woman, right?

    That's a bit harsh.

  • classified! :P

  • Fun when you forget that you're on flat pedals eh?

    The resulting stack using those adapter plates looks pretty brutal. Walking on stilts.

    I've thrown a ton of time and money at this with marginal but appreciative gains. Some said they would choose a different sport. Others recommended to buy an ebike...

  • Are cleat covers a must have for you? Or is the added stack from the covers worse than walking on ice cubes?

  • The resulting stack using those adapter plates looks pretty brutal. Walking on stilts.

    Not really. The adapter doesn't add much, it's maybe 2mm thick and Speedpray already have lower stack than other systems. It's probably because the cleat is in the middle it sits so proud of the shoe compared to normal.

    My cycling expenses: moneygun.gif

  • I use Keep On Kovers and minimise walking.

  • Looks like @wheels_of_fire is on the final parcours now.

  • Great!

  • Christoph and Ulrich shared a drink which cost €1. The drink was requested by Ulrich, and purchased by Christoph. While in essence this is outside assistance by a fellow rider and therefore contrary to Rule 2, it is also a human moment between two riders who wanted to recognise each other’s success on the Race so far. The Transcontinental Race Manual refers to such incidents as ‘doing something cheeky’ - a lapse in judgement or lack of focus on the rules that results in little or no impact on the Race as a whole. If this incident had been reported to the Race organisers at the time, it would have been easily and swiftly resolved as such. Now that Ulrich has presented evidence in the form of credit card statements to prove he had very recently purchased a substantial resupply and was therefore not in need of the €1 drink, we are satisfied that we have resolved this issue appropriately and respectfully with the riders in person to ensure a conclusion that both protects the integrity of this race for all TCRNo8 riders, and the race in general for future riders.

    For thread archive.

  • Dealt with appropriately, well explained I reckon

  • Good! The video didn't mention what he bought, nice to hear it was insignificant.

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Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2022

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