Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2022

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  • Official launch of the 2020 edition of the Transcontinental Race TCRNo8 on 23rd November 2019.

    Registration for TCRNo8 will be live on the new website at 12:00 25th Nov 2019.

  • I saw that but wasn't sure what it meant regarding the route - do they announce that on 23rd?

    Spoiler - it will start in Burgas!

  • You have to do the route yourself. Surely you know that by now? :P

    I really don't know - I just assumed they were going to announce the checkpoints.

  • Thanks - I've kind of got the hang of it now so what I meant by announce the route was announce the checkpoints. I guess if they announced the entire route, turn by turn, it might be quite a long evening

  • It would save me a lot of bloody PC time though! :D

  • I'm not going to be there for the launch unfortunately and at the moment I don't reckon I'll race next year but I might see if I can help out in some way. You thinking of going again?

  • I'll apply and see if I get a place. If not, I'll help. It would be fun to do a control but dotwatching is fun too, and might be easier to arrange domestically if I take time out to do another event.
    I won't make the launch as it's my club dinner that night. TBH launch would be more fun, but I can't abandon my club. Also, with my lazy hat on, it's a lot nearer!

  • Anna said they're working on streaming it. Do both.

  • Where is the launch? Is it a ticketed event or something?

  • Look Mum No Hands, but the email says it's by invite only. Not sure if the mailing list is for everyone subscribed to a newsletter or just previous racers or volunteers or what.

  • I was a volunteer last year too, a dotwatcher. Was very interesting.

  • Yeah - it is, and worth doing to learn things that will help you as a rider!

  • FYI to those looking for more gearing capacity at the rear.
    There is a hack possible with the Shimano GRX RD-RX812 rear Mechs.
    The body of these mechs are the same as the XT. Compare the shape of clutch housing.
    As per the specs the RD-RX812 have a low capacity (31T) due to a medium sized cage and thus are intended to be limited to 1x.
    However by changing to the long cage of the XT, you get the same capacity as the XT RD-M8000-SGS of 47T.
    Running a 16T difference on the front and an 11/42 on the rear is no issue. Shifts fantastic.
    Pic of the XT SGS cage parts below.

    3 Attachments

    • XT_Cage_Parts.jpg
    • GRX_XT_Cage.jpg
    • IMG_20191101_2042297.jpg
  • Tire update

    Continental GP4000 28, 270g on 17mm = 31mm
    Continental GP Urban 35, 350g on 17mm = 33mm
    Continental GP5000 32, 300g on 18mm = 32.2mm
    Continental Travel Contact 37, 520g on 19mm = 34mm
    Challenge Strada Bianca 36, 350g on 20mm = 37.2mm
    Panaracer GK Slick 38/40, 330g on 20mm = 38mm
    Vittoria Terreno Zero G2.0 35/37, 435g on 20mm = 36.2mm

    Pics of Travel Contact, GP Urban & Terreno Zero

    3 Attachments

    • IMG_20191106_2331545.jpg
    • IMG_20190926_2236095.jpg
    • IMG_20191104_2303175.jpg
  • got one! thanks

  • No battery cover... for weight saving purposes, I presume? :D

  • Got one just in time :)

  • for sure, makes a huge difference during the few seconds a year it gets used. For those hardcore analog embracing measuring sprints, I pull the battery too and read the calliper manually.

  • Actually those cheap electronic verniers are known for battery drain, so I store mine without the battery in it.

  • True story. The battery in mine is dead. Again!

  • Start Brest. Finish Burgas

  • Wow - wasn't expecting that.

    Starting in France - is it going to be no aerobars, no mass start, or try to get away with breaking the law...?


    -not mine, but a rough outline.

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Transcontinental Race No. 8 - TCR8 - #TCRN08 - 2022

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