Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 fixed (Oslo winter smasher)

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  • I just picked up a Trek Checkpoint ALR5 for dirt cheap on eBay. The plan is to use this for doing deliveries in Oslo over winter. The idea was to find a frame capable of wide tyres, disc brakes and fixed gear for optimal grip and stopping power. Apparently it gets quite cold, wet, snowy and icy there - actually snowed there today! It's an added benefit that this frame could also be used for gear-assisted adventures too (boring).

    Obviously, I didn't bother researching actual compatible wheels or hubs or anything like that... that was going to all find a way to work itself out after the fact. However, upon commencing research it appears a 142x12 thru axle hub with disc brake and fixed gear capabilities is a hard thing to come by. Who would've thunk it!?

    Paul seem to manufacture the exact thing I require but the price tag is pretty hefty (£145). This bike is going to probably get pretty abused and roughed up in crappy weather and I only went along with this frame because the eBay auction went by surprisingly uneventfully. I've also never had a bike which did not have a threaded BB shell so this is new territory for me. I will need to look into cranks too, I guess! Let's not even get started on what rims or brakes to go for... Unintentionally, this may turn out to be the nicest bike I've ever put together due to limitations thanks to my strange specifications.

    From the Paul website it seems that other people have built up rear disc brake fixed bikes as they surely aren't making this product just for a laugh. Does anyone have any examples? Is there another hub manufacturer out there that would also work? I also have decide between 700c and 650b. Apparently this frame can fit 49x700 but will I be wanting more? I think I need to look into studded tyre options and sizes those come in. Any recommendations welcome!

    Photo 1: The frame I just won
    Photo 2: Paul fixed / disc hub
    Photo 3: A Trek Checkpoint set-up for single-speed (inspo)

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  • I know nothing of discs, but maybe someone makes a double-bolt-on-fixed hub... threaded for bolt on fixed sprokets both sides but you’d actually be putting a rotor on one side.

  • Surly make one? Not sure if much cheaper though.

    I'm saving up for a set of Pauls myself.

  • phil wood kiss off hub

  • Really nice frame.

  • Subbed

  • Nice. Needs risers

  • PAUL remains a value on ...

  • If you went front disc only you could use any suitable thru axle rear wheel, turn it around and put a Velosolo fixed cog instead of the rotor. Chainline would be around 53mm I think, so you may need to go for a triple MTB chainset on the front (or whatever gives you such chainline).

  • Cool project btw!

  • For SSP you could use this:­?products_id=17679
    with axle spacers and a 142x12 axle. would necessitate a boostinator adapter for the disc though... so a bodge in the end.

  • Check out velosolo - they do 135/142 oln hubs for cheap. Ps nice ride around Australia.

  • They don't do 142 thru axles though.

  • (­-142-single-speed-hub-832448.html)

    there i found some more sugesstions:

    • DT 240 SSP hub, then ream the axle and fit a 142 conversion kit
    • profile BMX hubs are apparently available in 142mm
    • Hadley SSP hub
    • you can also allegedly convert the stans notubes rear ssp hub to 142 --> wait, edit: you can, theres a pic in the thread :)

  • Just get a 142 hub and use a 6 bolt fixed sprocket and flip the wheel??

    Unless you want to run a rear brake too then dont do that.

  • flipped rear means super wide chainline,ditch the rear brake and go for a front 12mm hub with custom spacers/washers

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Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 fixed (Oslo winter smasher)

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