• We're pleased to welcome Albion back into the Raeburn Lab on weekend of Nov 16th & 17th, midday til 18.00 (or whenever we finish repairs!)

    The usual great mix over the weekend, at Raeburn, Studio 1 The Textile Building, 29a Chatham Place
    Hackney, London, E9 6FJ

    • Pop up Albion store, a chance to see their Winter products up close, try on, and talk to the team behind them
    • Saturday Parachute musette workshops through the day
    • Free drop-in Repair & Rejuvenation services; we're challenging you, if you have any brand cyclewear, why aren't you wearing it any more? We have repair options, heat-press patches to apply, and mouldable Sugru glue to upgrade those products that might need some TLC. ....Let me know what you've got!
    • Coffee from Old Spike in Peckham - a business changing lives through social purpose.
    • Beer from Toast, A b-corp brewing with surplus bread giving all profits to charity

    All welcome! Bring your bikes/pets/children straight into the studio, lots to see including the latest Raeburn x Timberland collection

    More details here via Albion post ...just ask if you have any questions!

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  • And we also have a Cent Cols Challenge evening on Thurs 14th Nov, with Phil Deeker, founder of the CCC. A chance to think about next years riding ambitions - can't recommend enough.


    Looking forward to this one!

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  • @hippy you should come and check these out, perfect for sliding into a skinsuit when the temp drops ;-)


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  • That's not a bad idea for racing overnight in the desert or a less bulky option than a down jacket.

  • It’s great for any changing conditions - high climb> fast descent, cool morning starts, dropping night temps - super convenient and quick to convert any jersey/skinsuit to cooler conditions.

  • It’s definitely not an insulated jacket replacement, but gives a remarkable level of warmth/wind-proofing to any jersey top, with the convenience of speed and lightweight/low bulk. It’s had v positive feedback from professional users.

  • Have sent you a dm :)

  • I wonder if something like this would've helped avoid the asthma attack thing I had at Borrego all those years ago? Maybe one with combined with a buff to warm the incoming air too would've prevented it? Cold weather can do one :)

  • From using one - and feedback from other 'professional' users - it does radically change how effectively you retain heat and comfort level. I'm saying this in respect of a base-layer + jersey, which air whips through and strips heat from your core, and not a windproof shell.

    It's effectiveness is best felt when you pull the Burner out of your jersey while riding, and you can then feel the airflow hit your skin. Maybe the sensation is amped by having slightly sweaty skin under the Burner, and experiencing a sudden dump of heat, but it's definitely a significant difference.

  • If it wasn't clear, Toast beer and Old Spike coffee is very kindly courtesy of Albion.

    Free coffee, beer and repairs; What more could you want from your weekend! (please don't answer that LFGSS)

  • please don't answer that LFGSS

    Midg... spoilsport.

  • For anyone entertaining the idea of a Cent Cols Challenge we have a few spots left for tonight’s event with Phil Deeker.
    Click through link^ for details on Albion site

    Free event, bikes welcome inside studio, beers on Albion

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Albion x Raeburn weekend; Nov 16th/17th, Hackney. Repair & Rejuvenation ....all welcome!

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