Retapping BB thread West/South West HELP

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  • So despite having had my BB shells retapped to other standards (Italian/English etc) 2 or 3 times before, my new LBS, Cycle Junxion, have told me it is not possible to retap BB threads. I need to retap a French threaded BB shell to English thread on Saturday. Anyone got the gear or a shop nearby that will do it?

  • How did they manage that before? Given that the drive-side thread needs to be reversed I'd assume that some metal needs to be run into the shell to give the tap something to cut into. Sounds like a job for a framebuilder more than an LBS.

  • Not sure how it was done before but it was done. I just collected it. From how it was spoken about it seemed like a fairly straight forward request at the time. A friend of the guy I bought it from even offered to do it at his shop when I picked it up, but thats the other side of London. Admittedly have never gone from French to English so this may be an issue.

  • Well English to/from Italian would require reversing it as well. Did they do that for you or just chase the existing threads?

  • Was Italian to English. Different bike shop though.

  • Maybe give them a call and see how they did it/would do it now?

  • Might be the best option here, just go back to where I've had it before. Cheers for the input.

  • Actually just found a thread on here in which a couple of people have had their BBs retapped to English from French. Think they said Hackney Peddler did it so I'll try them out.

  • You can use a threadless BB if all fails

  • yeh i saw a recommendation somewhere that someone used a Zenith threadless. I've got no experience using a threadless so not sure what its like.

  • I’ve used 2 on damaged frames and once fitted they felt like any other square tapered BB although the Shimano BB’s do feel better made , I would definitely recommend if the BB threads are unrepairable

  • Is there anywhere I can buy a threadless BB in London? Want to get something sorted out today ideally

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Retapping BB thread West/South West HELP

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