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  • Realised I don’t want to clog up the general CP thread so starting this thread.

    Will return and post history and developments but currently here.

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  • love it, what fork?

  • Fyxation innit.

  • Looking good! What are you thinking for the rest of the groupset? GRX?

  • I’m using all the stuff off my CDF so RS685 shifters, GRX front mech.... it’s really just a frame/fork swap.

  • Love the paint and logo’s! Not heard of the builder before?

  • Absolute filth. Pics when built

  • It started off as a well loved genesis Fugio 853 I found on eBay; I had it modified as it was top tube cable routing and top swing mechs are a thing of the past. Also added rear guard mounts.

    I always thought these frames looked great just wasn’t a fan of the colourway.

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  • Fugio is Latin for to flee/fly... I didn’t really like the name, and I’m not that big a fan of genesis branding (despite currently owning 3 of their frames)... mercurial was a synonym of a synonym of fugio. I liked the definition of lively, changeable and unpredictable - a bit like the type of riding the bike (and rider) does. Also mercurial as in mercury, a silvery grey metal. So Mercurial the brand was born and @darlojim did the rest. Didn’t want the decals to stand out too much but up close and in the light they really sparkle.

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  • Looks grand. Bean can HTs are the best. What's the clearance going to be like with guards, looks snug?

  • I wanted to go thru axle on the front as find I get a lot of wheel flex under braking on the front with QR, hoping it’ll help keep things a bit straighter.

    Went for the fyxation Sparta with alu steerer (have found some carbon steerers a bit noodle), like the idea of running fork cages and a small bar bag rather than a front rack if I ever go on another tour. From the research I did the fyxation was a good balance of value and features.

  • @umop3pisdn should clear 35s with guards which is fine by me (those are 42 sport contacts)

    Bean can 4 life. looks so much better than tapered steel. Maybe I should get a bean can themed head tube badge @darlojim ?

  • Aside from a couple of changes the build is getting moved over from my CDF (the frame of which has now been promoted to commuter).

    On my van-San trip recently my rear hope 20five rim split down the middle between 6 spoke holes. Managed to limp the last 350-400 miles but wasn’t that impressed. Have had them rebuilt into DT Swiss GR531DB at a beastly 28mm external width, they seem better made and they’re about 100g a rim heavier than the hopes. Hoping they hold up a bit better (hope had done less than 1000 miles when it failed)

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  • currently on a train north of the border and struggling with image uploads.

  • Can’t believe how well it’s come together, absolutely buzzing. Was almost done today but flat mount to post mount adaptor didn’t come with the right bolts, which was enough for me to decide to just go flat mount instead as the flat-post adaptor was super ugly plus the caliper was already off and mineral oil everywhere from doing the internal front hose routing. One of my colleagues has a flat mount GRX caliper spare so just need a 140-160 flat mount adapter and it’ll be done! Bought the frame in June, definitely been a slow burner.

  • Turned out great! Congrats :-)

    Was a big fan of your cdf. But this is really next level. Love the paint and the orange bits. Great build. Hope it serves you well.

  • Wow, this looks so nice. You did a great job with the colour and decals! Almost makes me regret what I did to mine but I do really like it. That reminds me, I still need to update my thread. What size is yours? 56 or 58? The headtube looks very large compared to mine

  • Ddamn how this one looks 'boarish', love it. Force is with you obv.

  • Finished the build up this afternoon and rode it home, it absolutely flies, either that or I had a mega tail wind. Can see where they got “Fugio” from.

    The way to describe it would be a perfect combination of the best attributes of my 853 Donohue road bike and the best attributes of my CDF. Fit feels bang on with layback and 100mm stem but obviously will have to get a few more miles in. Will commute on it tomorrow if it’s not raining and get a photo.

  • 🙏🏻

  • Finished! (Pedals will gets swapped for some SPD)

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  • This is gooooooooood

  • looks fantastic, which bar tape is that?

  • Very nice. But then again, don't think you've done a build I haven't liked.
    Any chance you can measure the tyres, presume they're 42s, do they come up true?

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TM’s Genesis Fugio > Mercurial 853

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