1-1/8" Chrome Cromoly Fork? Does it exist?

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  • As the title says, I'm looking to replace the PlanetX carbon fork on my Cinelli Gazzetta (that I purchased off the forum) with a chrome plated cromoly fork but can't seem to find many/any with a 1-1/8" threadless steerer tube. Preferably with a nice crown drilled to accept a brake.

    Does anyone know where I can get one? Or should I just give up and downsize to a 1" threadless steerer tube?

  • what would you do with a 1" threadless fork, get a new bike?

  • Shim the headtube obviously. D'uh.

  • As @Lolo said, shim the headtube and/or get a headset that steps down the size. But I'd rather stick with 1-1/8" if I can given that's the modern standard.

  • Yep, this is about the only one I've found (so far). Too bad I don't really like the style. Would definitely prefer one with a nice crown. Have considered trying to get a second hand Surly Steamroller fork and then get it chromed but... faff...

  • have you checked your lbs can't source something?

  • There is/was a flat crown version from BLB I’m sure.

    Edit: it looks like it’s only available in 1” flavour.

  • Worth calling them because website might not be up to date

  • I am having the same quandary. The only goodish ones I have found are the Tsunami forks on Ebay. They have good reviews on ali express.
    If you interested I have an bombtrack fork. steer is 185 mm and is too short for what I need. Not chrome though.

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  • @MCamb - I hadn't seen those Origin8 ones; their website doesn't list a chrome version so I wonder if it's an older model or custom? I haven't checked with all the LBS; one couldn't source Nitto components so I'm not too confident... worth an ask tomorrow I suppose.

    @M_V - that flat crown BLB fork is why I'm seriously considering using an adaptor headset... as MCamb suggested I'm gonna give them a call tomorrow to see what they say.

    @JamJam - yea I'd spotted the Tsunami ones as well but am a little hesitant. I didn't think to look at their reviews on alibaba.

  • that flat crown BLB fork is why I'm seriously considering using an adaptor headset

    FWIW, I used headtube shims to fit a 1" steel fork (+ threaded headset and quill stem) to my Principia Track Jet when I had it, for a bit of a Cannondale Track look. I really liked the aesthetics and the ability to change from drops to risers with the turn of one 6mm allen key was good but you know, threaded headsets and quill stems are probably an acquired taste. I think it'd suit the Gaz pretty nicely though.

  • Small update for any one who is interested:

    1) I got in touch with BLB and their flat Crown fork isn't available in 1.1/8" :(
    2) Tange (https://www.tange-design.com/component_l­ist.php?type_sn=5) do some great looking chrome forks, of which the T-2S01, T-2S02 and T-2M04D models are all 1.1/8" threadless.
    3) Soma Fabrications (https://www.somafab.com/parts/forks) also do some nice chrome forks as well though they are all 1" threadless from what I can tell.
    4) Soma and Tange seem to be available from https://southerndistributors.co.uk/ but unfortunately no prices are listed on the website.

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1-1/8" Chrome Cromoly Fork? Does it exist?

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