Modern Track Frames

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  • Hi all, I've had the sudden urge to get back on the track - and with that the urge to get a new bike...
    I currently have a lovely Sixar Pista 531, bought off the forum many years ago. It's a lush ride and great to see it back on the track - However, I was wondering what the feelings are on modern track frames, such as...

    Engine 11

    Not really a fan of Dolan or Planet X - and keen to avoid the BLBs/Aventon etc..

    I love the rowdy paint and style but do they fair up in reality? I've never ridden anything other than steel so nothing to really compare them to. Thoughts would be much appreciated!

  • I’ve never seen an Engine11 or Standert being ridden here in Glasgow velodrome. There’s a few people use Cinelli’s. Vigs mostly, very very occasionally get a Mash/Histogram type.

    I don’t know if lack of popularity is a good enough reason to avoid them? Maybe points to there being better ways to spend your money? I think the 3 brands you listed are maybe aluminium frames for carbon money?

  • I've seen them in YouTube clips of Herne Hill - but also probably mostly in crits... maybe they are a bit more crit specific? Are there any 'typical' bikes you see at Glasgow?

    I definitely get the whole alu/carbon price tag thing - I'm just a snob about looks.

    Is there a (definitive?!) list of track permissible bikes/frames out there or on here? Would anyone be interested in helping me start one?!

  • Condor Lavoro looks the biz - very hefty price tag though.

  • I'd suggest that "high-end aluminium is better than cheap carbon" applies here

  • Do you think there is any benefit of having a new alu frame VS an old but very well made steel frame? At the sort of price tag I'm seeing - it's getting into the lower end of NJS...which is also quite appealing :)

  • A good alu frame will be loads stiffer than an old steel one with skinny tubes as well as lighter, especially if the steel is lugged.

  • LOOK AL 464 is 800 euros if you can find one.

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  • Are there any 'typical' bikes you see at Glasgow?

    Dolans. DF4s are exceptionally popular and not just with sprinters.

    Cervelos are quite popular too, obviously coming with a price tag but the pursuiters seem to like them, probably because of how aero they are.

  • For Mcr see lots of Dolan plus Cervelo, Pinarello, Felt, PX, Look, and some Moda.

    Amomgst the nicest i've seen lately has to be this Singular, also the Handsling frames look good.

  • Handsligs are openmould repaints aren't they?

  • Is there a (definitive?!) list of track permissible bikes/frames out there or on here? Would anyone be interested in helping me start one?!

    A list isn't really a good idea, there are lists for tyres but they constantly become outdated and then you get the 'But it looks just like XXXX which is on the list" argument.

    A specification would be better in which case, 11" bb height, no brazeons and track ends will about do it. You probably want 73 deg or steeper headangle. Similar on the seat tube. UCI compliance is a thing but it doesn't really sound like you're at that stage as yet.

  • Fair enough. I just feel like a thread could be useful, it's not a particularly easy thing to research and all the blog type lists include tat.

    I'm not at that level, but would like to get race accreditation, and not keen on buying something inappropriate - even if it is legal...

  • How do people feel about Dolan Seta's? I've seen plenty of weight weenie hill climb incarnations, anybody ridden one on a track?

  • Possibly, I'm not that clued up on origin tbh. Those I've seen look good.

  • How do people feel about Dolan Seta's?

    See a few of them at Glasgow. I don't think they are tremendously stiff or aero (in terms of mid priced carbon track frames) so there are other, more popular options.

    In terms of suitability for racing, if it’s got the 11” bb height, track ends and no braze ons then it’s suitable to race on.

    Of course there are parameters for things like saddle setback and handlebar extension(infront of the front hub) but it's pretty much seatpost and stem changes to set a bike up to fall within or outwith those parameters.

    If you get into pursuiting then there's a whole stack of rules about aero bars that could fill a thread of their own.

    There’s also rules about shapes of tubes and stuff but you’d be lucky if the comms at even national championship level were looking out for that and unlike with time trials and triathlons there’s not really the opportunity for people to compete on the track outwith the reign of the uci (national governing bodies tend, I think, to just defer to uci regs) so there’s no market for mad aero non uci compliant track frames.

    TLDR, it shouldn't be difficult for you to tell the 'track' bikes apart from the 'fixies'. Buy something that is being marketed as a 'track' bike and it's unlikely you'll need to worry about how appropriate it is for quite a while.

    I’d say if you want to avoid buying something inappropriate then stop looking at the ‘boutique’ frames like Engine11 and Standert and start looking at the frames that are getting ridden and raced on velodromes across the country on weekly basis (Dolan, PX, Look, Cervelo, Felt, Moda etc that have already been mentioned).

  • Just use the 531 frame will be fine for SQT s , after riding the usual Planet X and Dolans I ride a njs frame at Derby velodrome and its just as good as anything else

  • This is just fine , and more affordable now the fixie thing is dead

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Modern Track Frames

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