Simoncini 10-speed road rat thing

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  • I fitted a 135mm mtb hub wheel into a 126mm frame and it was fine for me. Now the same frame has a 120mm hub in it.

  • Nitto rat quill every time. Black crank arms would be nice if you are going all black finishing kit.

  • Well touch wood I win the nitto. I do think it’d look perfect on this.

    I’ve got some ultegra brakes on the way and a 105 rear mech, so it’ll be a hotch-potch of dark grey and black anyway.

  • Here’s some top tube rust pron

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  • Bit of scrunched up tin foil can take off some superficial rust
    Spreading the dropouts will be fine, it’s only 5mm per side. And definitely a quill

  • I am tempted to give it the tinfoil / wire wool treatment, but I’ll probably get it built up and ridden first. It looks like it’d take a while to remove the rust without wrecking the remaining paint.

  • Your project reminds me off my old concorde Gavina SL I fitted my with 105 groupset and mavic wheels. Loved it.

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  • Yeah that looks cool - although your frame is in a lot better condition than mine!
    I’m using the same saddle on this actually.

  • I’ve had great success with Brillo pads and careful application.

  • Wheels and brakes on. Hubs are proper crunchy so I’ll be getting new bearings and re-packing. First time I’ve done that for years so I’m looking forward to it. Will probably desticker the wheels too.

    Won the black nitto but won’t have that for a week. Got some Deda piegas on their way, as recommended by @matteroftaste

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  • Someone talk me out of putting pink cables on this...

  • No

  • Glad you got the quill stem. That was the correct call!

    No to pink cables though. Don’t think they’d look right on this.

  • It’s a 65 with the flat top section. I put a ‘placeholder’ bid on it and was going to crank it up last minute. Turned out the end time was right in the middle of last nights track session at Newport. Luckily no-one else had taste as rad as mine and I got a bargain.

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  • Rad. That’s gonna look ace with the piegas. Never seen that stem before.
    Chuffed you took my suggestion for bar choice, the set I have really impressed me.

  • this is looking good!

  • I've only seen the silver version, for sale 'NOS' at stupid prices. I quite like how the flat top mirrors the top of the curve on the 65 seatpost (not that I'll have one on this bike).

  • Oooo, great, I can follow now - very light pink (more flesh as opposed to florescent) would be superb

  • Double post

  • Trouble with buying pink cable off the inter webs is i’m at the mercy of shit photos looking nothing like the colour I’d receive. I had in mind the same shade as my tyre levers.

    Mudguards - i know nothing about mudguards. What’s my best bet with about 8mm to spare under the callipers with 25mm tyres? Nowhere to mount them so I guess pclips or zipties?

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  • Speaking of shit photos, this thread has really made me realise how awful the camera on my decrepit phone is....

  • Jagwire pink cables are the colour you’re looking for. But I’m not endorsing them.

  • You’ve convinced me - pink cables it is! :-)

  • Well that doesn't look great :-/

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Simoncini 10-speed road rat thing

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