Simoncini 10-speed road rat thing

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  • I finally decided to sell my Straggler and as I'll have bike-storage space to replace it, I thought I'd put something fun together for as little money as possible.

    Since I replaced my ratty track frame with something I don't want to get all bashed up, I don't actually have a bike I'm enthusiastic about locking up in town. Also, my road bike has been taking a weather-based beating this year already, so the idea is to tick both boxes. A beater-ish bike that I can do proper rides on and not constantly be wishing I was on my other bike, basically.

    I have a frame on the way that appears perfect for my purposes: a 90s Simoncini that looks like it was reasonably handsome in it's day. Not sure on the tubing - kind of don't care, but also hoping it's SL (my best guess on what I could see of the tubing decal). It was dirt cheap and has a bit of style, which is the important thing.

    This is the kind of project I find most interesting personally, so I thought I'd bother with a thread.

  • This sounds great. I've fancied a road-rat or ratty conversion for a long time. Will you be fitting guards?

  • I originally had in mind finding something that could take guards and 28mm tyres, but the frame I've bought has no mounts and I imagine 28mm might be a stretch. I'll probably try and pick up some race blades for it.

    What I have in mind is something out of the Modern groupset on old frame thread (almost like my road bike - a 90s Terry Dolan Ribble with DA7800 on it), but a bashed up ratty version.

  • Sellers photo of the frame. Personal highlights are the big patches of rust on the top tube and bb shell.

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  • I like that.

  • Tubing ID quiz - what's this? Winner gets to choose saddle.

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  • Tre-tubi

  • Ok, so am I right in thinking it’s most likely to be SL tubes in the main triangle and then something else (probably plain gauge) elsewhere?

  • I’m guessing based on simoncinis I’ve seen before, my understanding of tre-tubi is that it could be anything, builders choice of a mix of different tubes for the main triangle.

  • SP or SL main tubes I thought

  • That was my assumption. Presumably SL in this case due to the frame size.

  • SL sounds right to me.

    Love this bud, it's gonna a look great. How big is the head tube?

  • Headtube looks teeny tiny to me, but I think that's partly to do with the lug flanges (?) at the back being quite wide. The seat tube is 52 c-t so it's a small frame. I usually go for a 52 c-c so it'll be interesting to see how this fits.

  • Yeah, this should be good. This was sort of what I had in mind when I started building my GT Aero, but then it all got way out of hand. Are you set on modern groupset? Theres a whole classic 2x6 105 group for sale in the retrobike classifieds [edit: it’s on here, not retrobike]. Just add a Flite and it’ll be good to go.

  • Yeah I’m pretty set on modern, mainly as I’ve got some 10 speed shifters, mechs, cassette and cranks in the parts bin.

  • Not much movement other than getting some bits and bobs bought. Sorted through what I already have - I knew there was a reason I’d held on to that ITA hollowtech bb! Got brakes and a rear mech in the post. And the frame, obviously.

    I like a noodle but I think I might try and find something black as I think that’s what seatpost and stem will end up being.

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  • Deda piega compact drops

  • Deda piega compact drops


  • Frame just turned up! Looks good - the thing I was concerned about was the bb threads but they seem fine.

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  • I wonder if that’s enough grease to install a bottom bracket...

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  • Since seeing this thread I Will be doing something similar with my parts bin as I’ve got some rival 10 speed shifters I forgot about.
    Frame looks great. I will keep my eye out for something similar in 57

  • It was just about enough. Chucked some wheels on from another bike - I have some cheap RS10s on their way. Looks like I need a 26.8mm Seatpost, so give me a shout if anyone has a black one they can send me for little monies.

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  • I thought the top tube routing was going to be a fun hour or two of dicking around with thread, coat-hangers, magnets and whatnot. This was not the case!

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  • It's already such a fun build. When I was putting the BB in, I dropped the wrench on the frame. I genuinely couldn't tell if i'd chipped a load of paint off, or if it was already like that :-)

    Start a thread if you find something!

  • Some advice please:

    1) I've got my eye on a nice but ratty black Nitto stem for this. OR should I go with the ahead adaptor option? If I asked on the old frame/modern gorupset thread I'm pretty sure I know the answer I'd get. But this is a slightly different angle - it's already a mess so I feel like it might work?

    2) Turns out the rear spacing is 120mm or thereabouts. I'm pretty sure this would have been 130mm originally, no? I got the wheel in and it all looks straight enough. Other than it making a roadside flat a right pain in the arse, should I care? I cannot be arsed to try and cold set it or anything, so it would mean spending more than the frame cost to get Argos to sort it.

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Simoncini 10-speed road rat thing

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