Wanted: Apple Watch gen 2 or Later

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  • Got one knocking around in your drawer? Want to help me leave my phone at home when I go for a run? Hit me up!

    Shitty condition / pink strap is fine, functioning is the important thing.

  • I have a space grey 44mm Series 1 sitting about since I upgraded to a Series 4. Fully functional, but no strap – I use it with my new one.

  • Thanks, but I need GPS so gen 2 or later please.

  • My spare is a S0 and no good to anyone. Deemed it more economical to keep it for the folding plug/cable/strap than try and flog it.

  • Went for a run this morning for the first time in two years. It’s fun!

    Anyone got a series 3 Apple Watch they’d part with? Just needs GPS and the ability to play podcasts.

  • I have actually! I'll PM you

  • Anyone else got owt?

  • Just needs GPS and the ability to play podcasts.

    Mine fails on at least one of these on a regular basis.

  • Hmm. Any other suggestions? I’m sure there’s some way cheaper non brand things out there but I CBF fiddling around trying to get podcasts on and run data off. I assume an Apple product will pretty much just work.

  • Not really, tbh. It works- sometimes, but much less often than I'd like.
    Could be just me.
    I had a look to see if we had a spare lying about- but remembered I'd broke it surfing, as similar to @6pt I tend to hoard these things in the assumption I'm going to break one.

  • Don’t shame me!

    @dbr do note that Henry’s history with technology, even the stuff that just works, is absolutely terrible. He is a cursed man and I fear for anything with a battery and a chip that enters his orbit.

    I don’t pod with mine (just banging tunes) but apart from some occasional half hearted breadcrumbs (normally only when I have my phone with me too, alas more regular now I’m semi-rural) it hasn’t missed a beat over the last few years.

  • Stop hoarding all the technology!

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Wanted: Apple Watch gen 2 or Later

Posted by Avatar for dbr @dbr