• I'm hoarding far too much these days, so I'm getting a thread started and will update with pics tomo.

    1st Frame: Track oddity
    Track frame is SUPER light and tight but oddly has brake bridges. No way its a conversion. It looks English, bought off Hilary Stone for around 200 quid and he didnt have a clue what it was either. Looks like a Roberts. Ridden for a couple of years and has a couple of small dents now but nothing that effects the ride.

    Looking for £120 for it, but also open to offers.

    2nd Frame
    Pinnacle Arkose Frame, 52cm/Medium, suits folks from about 5'6" to 5'10". Gubbins - HS, BB, Callipers and SRAM 1x11 Apex Chainset. All decent but used condition.

    Looking for £160 for it, which I think is a decent price?

    Collection only, Walthamstow E17.

    Pics and dims tomo.

    Oh think I have a few Campag Record Headsets and Pista cranks kicking about so if anyones after them let me know...

  • Any photos?

  • I'll grab some in a sec, which frame in particular?

  • 1st

  • Track

    1 Attachment

    • 56741BE7-9FBE-40E1-B380-B392EC996F49.jpeg
  • Arkose

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    • A461E26F-23C2-4065-8ABA-C31400CF893C.jpeg
  • Dent

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    • 50AA833F-1D44-4CFF-AB65-B71F88FE5CC8.jpeg
  • Does that thing fit fenders?

  • I’ve had guards on both! They were pretty tight on the track thing though.

  • Like 25c with guards?

  • I have a feeling I was running 23’s. It mayyyyy fit 25 and guards but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • What's the sizing on the not a roberts?

  • I've been useless as ever with these, but I predict I'm going to get an earful for having too many bikes rather soon so decent drops on both of these just so I dont get it in the neck too much (more).

    Faux Roberts £90
    Argos £110

  • Is the arkose still available? Dibs if so

  • Yep! Pick it up this weekend and we can call it £100.

  • Arkose gone, measurements for the Faux Roberts incoming...

  • any pics of the Roberts with wheels in it to see the geo?

  • Ok, measurements, 55cm tt Ctc, 56cm st ctc.
    Pic with rear wheel... front end equally as tight but I don’t have a front wheel at hand.

    1 Attachment

    • image.jpg
  • The arkose was sold but is being returned due to a “deep scratch” and damage to the forks which I somehow never saw when it was in my possession. As a result I’ll offer the lot for £90.

  • Bump and price drop on the track frame. £75 and it yours inc bb and headset.
    Arkose is back and it’s fine, slight damage to the forks dropouts but nothing that would effect anything unless you are a massive bed wetter.

  • Any chance you could send pictures of the scratches on the Arkose and the dropouts? Also would you be willing to post it to Dublin?

  • I’ll prob do a new post soon and get pics then but they are nothing to worry about unless you are a complete wet blanket.
    I’m afraid I’m too lazy to post though.

  • (Sorry).

  • No worries and sure if you happen to change your mind at any point let me know.


  • Hi mate, pm sent re: arkose...

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56cm Track oddity Frame and Forks. 52cm Pinnacle Arkose Frame and bits, Campag pista Cranks.

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