Having a clear out. All sorts for much cheapness!

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  • I’ve been holding off eBaying this stuff in the hope there’d be another jumble at Bike For Good but I want to clear up the workshop a bit.

    Stuff is at the velodrome do collection from there or I could meet you in town etc.

    Let’s start with handlebars, and let’s say £5 a piece. Bmx bars are 22.2mm clamp, 22.2mm grip area, the swept back ones are 25.4mm clamp, 22.2mm grip.

    EDIT: Swept back bar 2nd in from left now gone.

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  • Saddles.

    £5er a pop again for the plain saddles, £15 for the Cult bmx Seat and post.

    The plain saddles are a Cinelli Unicanitor, some San Marco thing and an ‘EC90’ Spesh Power copy.

    Cult bmx seat/post is a tripod combo.

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  • Hubs n wheel shit.

    Mavic Ksyrium hub and straight pull spokes. 24 spoke. £5.

    Styria 3 speed 28h hub and shifter. £5.

    SLX 32h 15mm hub. £10.

    Gsport Marmoset 36h bmx hub. £20

    Conti X King 29 x 2.4 tyre and 2 presta valve tubes to fit. Tyre used for 1 or 2 rides only and on the front so pretty much as new. £10.

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus 26 x 2.00. Very little use/wear. £10

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  • Pedals and brakes.

    Tektro v/canti convertible levers. £5.

    Full bike’s worth of LX cantis with Kool Stop salmon pads. £15.

    1 pair Shimano silver cantis with unused Suntour pads. £5.

    Black Power Play SPD pedals. Bearings could be better, pedals otherwise good nick. £5.

    Silver Shimano PD M540 pedals. Bearing showing use and pretty rusty. £5.

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  • That Chocolate Truck sticker is probably worth more than the bars!

  • A set of nice 1” threaded forks with Gipiemme dropouts. Dropouts are chromed, don’t know how far it extends.

    Bought to put on the first frame I built but using other ones now.


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  • Hey was just to see if you still had the shimano silver pedals and the ec90 seat thanks

  • any chance of posting those purple X bars?

  • @user110953 and @harv4130 sorry, all this stuff is either gone or back in use. Should have closed the thread, sorry.


Having a clear out. All sorts for much cheapness!

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