For Sale NEW UNUSED Campagnlo Master 3380 Toolbox set

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    price 4900 euro

    Complete Gallery­Cs9

  • I would love to own a toolkit that cost more than my bike(s)


  • Bit pricey to be honest. These go for about 3/3.5k NOS.

  • I saw one go on retrobike for sub 1k, admittedly not nos.

  • Probably is not rare like this :-)

  • @fizzy.bleach upgrade your tools

  • bitch please! upgrade your priorities. my tooling is a perfect balance of performance, value, and style.

  • and probably not complete

  • dear bikeIT.

    you're asking too much for this. my brother in law has three of these in his bedroom. they're saying it's much rarer. rarer than they've ever seen. people – good people – they won't pay that price. i've seen a lot of these, more than just about anyone. rare ones – some of the rarest. and complete – ZERO PARTS MISSING.

    if you look above, you'll see i've worked real hard to solve some of your problems. we can make a great deal here. don't be a tough guy. i'm willing to negotiate and give you a better deal on this than you would have ever gotten in the past.

    i don't want to be responsible for destroying the second-hand campagnolo market, but i will. you've had a little sample in this thread.

  • thanks for bit ;-)

  • Would you trade for a London 2012 Olympic limited edition track cycling 50p?

  • Has anyone ever sold anything on LFGSS for £5k?

  • wouldn't be surprised with the price of some watches i see on here

  • They are rare but not super rare NOS. I have one NOS and another very good one, not NOS and a (truly rare) Zeus frame builder's kit, French threads. There is a PERFECT NOS kit for sale local to me right now. I don't know the market now, but my guess is this is high. I paid much less for mine, as an offer on ebay and even less (as an offer on an ebay item that didn't move) for the Zeus kit. I don't know why I have them. They are beautiful, but I only use a couple of tools from the working kit I have, and they aren't that useful to a modern frame builder. For servicing and setting up vintage bikes you can get what you need for much less from Cobra, Var, Park, even more pedestrian versions from IceTools or wherever. So it's really a collector's item, or functional art....
    I must say, the box looks to have survived in nice condition. Usually even an NOS kit will show wear on the box from years of storage and moving around.
    A beautiful artifact from a by-gone day. But I would float it on ebay. This ain't, in my view, the marketplace for this sort of thing, though I'm glad you posted it for everyone to see.

  • Dibs the 15mm spanner if you'll split

  • I think JB sold a grail watch

  • @NurseHolliday has that in his MX-5 !

  • In his NOS MX-5 you mean.

  • If I got 5 euros to a pound Id buy it.

  • I'd be rich if I had one of those.

  • LOL. Wanna go halves on that if I can use the 14mm end?

  • The real question is.

    Why would anyone in their right mind, send five large to someone they cant meet face to face, with only 36 posts on the forum?

  • because it's 100% super rare.

  • This ain't, in my view, the marketplace for this sort of thing

    @user79234 seems to have hit the nail on the head. It maybe was ten years back, but not any more. /sad

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For Sale NEW UNUSED Campagnlo Master 3380 Toolbox set

Posted by Avatar for bikeIT @bikeIT