Peugeot PY10 restoration, ex national champion’s bike

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  • Bought this bike a while ago. Was built up as a single speed, but the guy who sold it had most of the original components in his garage.

    He also told me that the bike hade belonged to ex team trial Swedish national champ Johan Fagrell. I hadn’t heard the name before but after some research I found out that he was in the Olympic time trial team who pushing for a medal in the Barcelona olympics, but instead was involved in a crash halfway around the course.
    Obviously, this bike must have been his in an earlier stage of his career. I will try to reach out to him and see if he wants to share some info.

    Anyway, the bike was equipped with a mix of campa components, mostly super record. Some nice touches to it like the expanding seat post solution, number plate hanger and Reynolds decals en Francais.

    plan is to liberate it from this sad single speed state, and then see what happens.

  • As I bought it

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  • Forks with name
    Bike taken apart

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  • Brakes cleaned in ultrasonic bath and reassembled:

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  • lovely looking frame you've acquired. Are you tempted by a modern groupset?

  • Never seen a peugeot with a quill seatpost, nice score! It might have been built by cyfac or another subcontractor. FYI, the brake levers are rare 1st gen c-record ones. They came without a quick release since they were used for the side pull cobalto brakes with QRs and the first gen deltas which had the quick release on the calipers.

  • ultrasonic bath

    That's a new one on me
    Lovely clean brakes
    Could you fit a crankset in there?

  • Love these frames, I had one with the same paint job, quill stem and the French 531pro too. No number hanger though.

    Weirdly mine came with the key shaped DT bosses that were specific to a few years of Shimano.

    This would look great as a neo-retro build

  • You mean you have not read @hippy's adventures in chain waxing yet? Mate where have you been?

  • Not really, I’ve got a neoretro setup on another bike which I really enjoy, but one is enough. Plus I’ve got all the parts for this one allready

  • Yeah, the seat post is a weird and not very beautiful piece of kit, haven’t been able to figure out the make.
    Thanks for info on levers, unfortunately the hoods are slightly torn and rough, but I guess that new hoods are not that easy to come about

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  • Crankset- yes, but with the top poking out, which means you can’t fit the hood-> loud noise
    Chainrings- small is fine, big ring is harder to fit

    I “love” my ultrasonic cleaner, saves your hands and usually pleased with result, especially on cassettes and chains

  • just out of interest, what do you use in your ultrasonic cleaner, is it just water or do you have some sort of solution?

  • I normally use warm water and washing up liquid. There is a heating function on the cleaner as well, but using this tends to damage paint or plastic.

  • Could someone tell me what pat. 11 on a SR rd stands for? Made in 77?

    Got another one which says pat. 78, and it seems like they have different finishes on the black parts, the 78 one is more polished. Or am I mistaken?

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  • I bought this one from @salvage not too long ago. very similar - 531c, same quill seatpost, same paint etc. Model Aneto on top tube, it is absolutely lovely. I rebuilt it with a modern groupset and flat bars, made a great town bike. But your vintage campagnolo is fantastic. Enjoy!

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  • 11 stamped on campag cranks is 1985, wonder if it's the same for the mechs?

  • Nice bike!
    I actually have another Peugeot frame which is exactly like yours (2nd in row on the pic below) which I was planning to build up before I found this other one.

    I’m starting to think that Arlecchino is onto something when he says that it might have been built by someone else, it has cutouts in the lugs and a rear brake bridge I haven’t seen on other Peugeot’s, correct me if I’m wrong. Also a fully chromed rear tri.

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  • Sounds late for SR (?), but could make sense considering the brake levers being C record.

  • Haha that’s an amazing collection you have there!

  • Most of the parts cleaned up and ready, still searching for inner chainring, chain and some other small parts

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  • More pics

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  • Awesome build ! but Y campag victory shifters with this SRV2 groupset ?
    Triomphe brake levers ?

  • SR retrofriction are pretty ugly lol

  • SR friction are pretty cool IMO

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Peugeot PY10 restoration, ex national champion’s bike

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