F. S... Black Rainbow Project custom titanium camp mugs/pots

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  • In an effort to keep my bag prototyping moving forwards I now have custom Black Rainbow Project 650ml double wall titanium mug/pots available for immediate dispatch. Perfect for your ultralight spring/summer bikepacking kit. They weigh approx 105g including the lid, which has a little notch to keep the loop standing upright when you need it to, folding handles with a space for your little pinky finger, and an all black mesh storage bag.
    The logo is as subtle as I could get away, and the colour will darken slightly after a couple of washes.
    Small enough to be a big mug, big enough to be a small pot.
    Price is £32 including UK shipping.
    Start the usual list below just so I can keep everything in one place, PayPal into blackrainbowproject@hotmail.co.uk with your real name, forum name, and full shipping address, then update with PAID once you have!
    Thanks for the support everyone!
    If you can, gofundme

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  • Interested...but need a picture first.

  • Sounds very nice, maybe a bit small for me though if you think there would be enough demand to do a run in a bigger size I'd definitely be in!

  • I've just put every penny I have into ordering these so I can't offer bigger or smaller sizes at the moment.

    1. giles337 (PAID)
  • what kind of handle do they have please?

  • Sorry, completely forgot to mention that. :)
    Folding titanium loop handles, with a fully reinforced attachment.

  • Surely you have a picture of just the standard one no branding Scott?

    1. giles337 (PAID)
    2. handtightenonly (instagram)
  • do you have a picture with the lid?

  • See the original post.

  • shame to see so little interest in these, so - bump for visibility.

  • Edit:

    Won’t clog up this thread. Scott probably saw my reply, if not I can PM what it said.

    Hope the new range comes out soon, I’m sure it’ll be sick

  • Lack of demand could also be down to the season. Heading into the depths of winter isn’t usually the time when people start looking forward to bike-packing adventures.

    These will probably fly off the shelves in April-May.

    Right now i’d take a hip-pouch, key-ring or even a BRP wallet if one was available.

    Keep going Scott.

  • In case anybody is interested, these are now available for immediate dispatch, and as such I have edited the original post.

  • 3-yakko25 (paid)

  • I'll get this posted for you on Monday... And thanks so much for the extra... It's truly appreciated!

    1. Alfreddo (paid). Thanks!
  • I'll get this posted for you on Monday! :)

  • I know it's now an even worse time to be trying to sell titanium mugs, but as I have now lost my job I have to try everything I can to make money.
    So if anyone is interested, I'm going to drop the price of these to £35 including UK shipping.

  • I'll have one - just paid via Paypal. Shit situation, sorry to hear about your job loss.

  • Much appreciated. I'll get it posted asap!

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F. S... Black Rainbow Project custom titanium camp mugs/pots

Posted by Avatar for Black_Rainbow_Project @Black_Rainbow_Project