General Election 2019

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  • Probably in my constituency (Arundel &Soith Downs) we have a new Tory candidate, Andrew Griffith, it’s a reward for lending BJ his London townhouse for the leadership contest in the summer. It’s officially labelled as ultra safe with a majority of nearly 24,000 (62% share). Greens lost their deposit.

  • Well, no vote is 'wasted', of course. Every vote is a demonstration of your views. What people usually mean by 'a wasted vote' is just an ineffective vote, e.g. one that fails to contribute to the total of a winning FPTP candidate or fails to contribute to the vote total of a candidate who comes close. FPTP unfortunately means that many people are in the position where their vote is ineffective, but it is never 'wasted'. I think the talk about 'wasting' votes is probably a factor in voter suppression.

  • I think we need to be doing more for the environment, that's a major factor for me. On the flipside I voted to leave, which I know they aren't down with.

    I can't vote for Jezza or Boris.

  • Vote green then

  • I’m voting Green in SE18.

  • Tactical voting, for the most part, sucks balls, so check out the candidates, see what they stand for, go for the one that most represents your views.

  • "Help to Rent" looks like it has the potential to be add even more problems for both existing and prospective tenants in a market already made hell by the love shown to "buy to let" parasites.

  • Why can't you vote for Jezza? Policies or person?

  • You're also not voting for him, but your local MP. If you mean you can't vote labour, that's your call.

    (If you're worried about the environment, you may want to look over labour's policies. Especially if you are in a constituency in which they're competitive).

  • Completely agree that tactical voting sucks and ideally we wouldn't have to do it, but in the current situation, tactical voting in key seats is about the only thing that may keep the Tories out of government for the next 5 years.

    Surely the advice should be to check out your seat and if it's a close race, vote tactically. If not, vote for the candidate that most represents your views.

  • or vote for the candidate that represents the party that can deliver improvement in the standard of living for the most amount of people...

  • Keep thinking about the news last week when I saw someone using a food bank being asked who they would be voting for and they just said "Boris". Bleak.

  • Hah yeah. People are weird. Woman on BBC news who was like “I like Boris, think he’s a good bloke, don’t think I could trust him, gonna vote for him anyway” or words to that effect.

  • So depressing

  • Just had my citizenship ceremony today and managed to register for the election a day before the deadline.

  • Nice, photos of the momentous first vote if you please.

  • Don't take a photo of yourself in a voting booth. It's best not to take photos in polling stations full stop.

  • This is hilarious and depressing, and should be widely shared to show the kind of people standing for the Tories­984422479020035

  • That was the first thing I did after getting mine this year.

    Not sure about yours, but my ceremony was unexpectedly awesome.

  • Quite incredible. You can see how hard she's working as she tries to get through that.

    There's a good word in German (I kid you not) for a quality politicians are supposed to be well-advised to possess: "überraschungsecht", which means something like 'surprise-ready' (literally 'surprise-true' in German). It means that they have the ability not to look rattled when hit with something like this. If you look at her mimicry, you can see how she's trying to keep the shock down and doesn't quite manage it.

  • She isn't even running to be an MP, could be off enjoying life but instead happy to be wheeled out to chat crap with Piers

  • Actually, I think 'surprise-proof' would be a better translation for the above term.

    Yes, their choice of spokespersons recently has been much commented-on. I suppose Morgan is still a central figure for 'moderate' Tories, so perhaps that's why they're trying to use her. Not answering that question straight is a silly mistake, though.

  • More underhanded conservative fuckwhittery. Tory propaganda masquerading as a newsletter came through my door today. Interesting they used red too...

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General Election 2019

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