General Election 2019

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  • when last did a "centrist" take policies from the left and make them more palatable to the right as opposed to the other way round?

    horseshoetheory.gif etc.

  • Absolutely agree. I guess I just wanted to point out that a lot of them are a long way from a) where they were in the '90s, and b) a lot of the places I noticed in Hackney in the '00s. Possibly sampling bias multiplied by anecdata.

    Sort of #notallestates I guess.

  • Triple lock pensions, increased government spending, and locking Muslims and children up?

  • The fabric of the estates may have improved since the 1990s but the lives of those within them has not. Cuts to social services; underemployment and benefits cuts have really taken their toll. Added to which all the decent properties have gone due to right to buy some 60% of which are now private rentals. People’s lives are tough today. And they are being ignored.

  • Paint and trees and playgrounds are great.
    They don't help with the problems associated with being poor though.


  • Put far more succinctly than I could

  • I've watched Emily Thornberry doin PMQs a couple of times. She's been both forensic, followin up questions in a way JC never did and funny. Considerin this is one of the major channels of communication leader of the opposition gets with the public, I think that's a big plus.

  • Just as I try not to let my sexuality define me so I am with my politics.

    They may have more MPs but frankly fuck the heteronormative religious institution that is marriage.

    If I ever tie the knot (unlikely) it will be a civil partnership.

  • fuck the heteronormative religious institution that is marriage.

    So the property transfer of women, from father to husband, isn't something you identity with?

  • Oops

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  • .

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  • 76% of these switchers detested Corbyn:

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  • The party left me...

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  • The most important of those is the first. The second two could be (and in some cases obviously are) outcomes of the first.

    It's depressing regardless.

  • Very depressing, yes.

  • If, in 2017, you thought, 'Corbyn's my guy!', then in 2019 thought 'Boris Johnson's my guy!', you probably misunderstood something or weren't paying attention at some point.

  • It's just the policy of a second referendum. The crucial, game changing own goal by Labour.

    I think the "heartlands" (don't really appreciate that term) fleeing to the Tories is like Stockholm syndrome. They've come to love their jailors.

  • ‘the electorate is just too dumb to get it right’

    This kind of thinking is the problem not the solution.

  • I don’t think the ‘heartland’ voters that switched to the Tories love them by any stretch of the imagination. They are very much up for grabs at the next GE.

  • ‘the electorate is just too dumb to get it right’

    Not dumb, they just misunderstood because they were not paying attention, and so ended up getting stockholm syndrome. They need to be cured / re-educated. Or maybe just replaced.

  • im the original problem

    if you'd like to know what northerners think, ill pass on any questions by the way

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General Election 2019

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